Friday, April 10, 2015


We celebrated Easter this past weekend in Oklahoma. We had a fantastic weekend! The kids dyed Easter eggs and hunted them. It was a really fun weekend for us!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Flew By!

March was crazy busy too!We had more snow! Lizzie got strep and missed almost a week of school She went back to school on Friday and the next week was Spring Break! During this time, Gracie was sad to go to school without Lizzie. She worried about all the fun Lizzie was missing. Lizzie would ask me several times a day when Gracie would be home. They missed each other.

Lizzie finally feeling better and playing in the snow with Gracie.

We had a busy spring break. During the first part of the week, we headed to Alabama to see Wes' family. On the last weekend, we went to see my family to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday and my niece and nephew's baptism.

The kids with my uncle's antique car.

 My dad getting ready to blow out the candles.

The girls getting ready to see their cousins get baptized.

Sydney and Sam after the service.

Grandma and Papa with their girls

For my sister's family their spring break was the week after ours, so they came to visit. They got to see the girls school. The girls were so proud to show them around.

With all the rain and snow, the girls soccer season had a delayed start. They finally got to go to a practice and played their first game this past weekend.

After their game on Saturday, we went to the church for the Easter Egg Hunt. The girls loved it!
 Palm Sunday! The girls were so excited because they got to wear their cousin Sydney's old dresses. Several people asked we where I got them. The girls looked really pretty.

Palm Sunday was fun. First, Nana and I taught Sunday School. Then, the girls waved palm branches and then sang during the service. Palm Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays. I love the tradition of the kids waving the branches as they come in. Each time I teach Sunday School, the kids always teach me something new. I love their perspectives.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


February was a busy month for us. I changed jobs in the middle of the month and started working from home. It was a great transition and nice change of pace.

We had snow days where we played in the snow!

 We celebrated my grandma's 90th birthday with a great party.

We skate almost every weekend and love taking lessons. 

For children's Sunday, they served as ushers for two of the services.

Sometimes on Fridays, we go get donuts before school.

On one of the snow days, the girls played dress up.


Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

We had an excellent Christmas! It was so fun. We spent it in Oklahoma with my family. Santa came to Grandma and Papa's. Before we left town, we went to see Santa. 

Seeing Santa
 The Sunday before Christmas, we went to my parents church. It was a good service. They have this beautiful sleigh and Christmas trees set up, so we took advantage and took some pictures.

The girls

With Grandma and Papa
All of us

Cousins walking out of Christmas Eve Services
 On Christmas Day, after opening presents, Wes made breakfast. After breakfast, my sister and her family came over for lunch. We had a fun day celebrating Christ's birth.
Our dolls!

Lizzie's doll looks like her cousin
 The day after Christmas, my cousins family, aunt and uncle came over. We had dinner and fun!

More cousins!

Sweet cousins and my sister.

more cousins

My aunt and uncle

Manicure party
Saturday, we were woken to Lizzie saying "there's snow!" Sure enough, there was some snow on the ground. We had to run to get shoes, hats and gloves. We weren't quite prepared for snow.
Later on Saturday, we headed to meet up with my dad's family for Christmas. We had fun visiting with his family. On Sunday, we had to leave to head back home. Wes had work on Monday.
 Before we left town, we stopped by my grandma's place. I snapped a few pictures before we left. The girls love to make great-grandma pictures while they are there and tape them to her door.
The girls and great-grandma

All of us!
Love this!
We hope this Christmas and New Year that you find light in the darkness, love for one another and peace.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Performances

The girls have been singing with the choir in church since they were four. They have loved it each year. Yesterday, they sang in church and then again at the Christmas Pops concert.
Getting ready to sing in church

With the choir

Singing at the Pops Concert
They did great and had a blast! Gracie's teacher even came and watched her sing. It meant a lot to Grace. The Christmas Season is in full swing!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving! We went to Oklahoma and spent time with family. The girls spent the whole week there because they were out of school. Wes and I came up on Wednesday. On Thursday, Nana came up to spend the weekend with us.

On Thanksgiving, we saw a ton of family. My cousin's family came over and the kids all had a blast playing. It was a great day!

We had a great time with all our family. I only took pictures on Thanksgiving and then only of the kids.