Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5

Lizzie is 5 lbs 7.2 oz
Gracie is 4 lbs 1.3 oz

Lizzie was gassy today. She also slept through breast feeding 2 times. The lactation consultat came and helped for one. She didn't really do anything different than what I did. It also turns out the infection in Gracie's eye is e coli. Also, 5 of the babies in the step down are MRSA positive. So, we all sweat to death to see our babies. Both girls are doing well. Lizzie is taking her 4 bottles a day and does well with the bottle. The breast is a little harder. Gracie is close to being able to take the bottle or the breast. Hopefully, Lizzie will click soon and it won't take Gracie long after. Once the girls get home, we won't really have to worry about the staph infection anymore. They will be just normal girls.

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 6 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 15.8 oz

Lizzie is now up to bottles every other feeding. She and Gracie have both tested positive for MRSA. That means Wes and I have to put on yellow gowns and gloves. It make us hot. I tried to breast feed Lizzie and she was too sleepy to try. Gracie tried an open crib today but got too cold and moved back to her isolet. They will try her again in a couple of days.

I asked today how long until the girls go home. It looks like a couple more weeks. We also saw my friend Brandi in the NICU. She delivered yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow Gracie will be 4 lbs! On Monday, she gets to try the bottle again!

We left the hospital early today so we could go see fireworks. We met our friends the Halsteads in the Catholic church parking lot with my parents to watch. It was nice to get away. We have been so consumed by the girls and trying to get them home.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 4 oz
Gracie is 3lbs 14 oz

I didn't get to breast feed today. Lizzie got cold over night and had to be put under the warmer. They did some blood tests and she did not have an infection. They also tested for MRSA. We will find out later if she has it. She started to pep up after I changed her at 11:30 am diaper change. She was pretty sleepy for her bottle from Wes but she still got a lot of her bottle.

Gracie had a couple of apnea and brady spells. One she recovered on her own and the other they had to give her oxygen. Her grandma held her today after she took forever to change her diaper and clothes. Gracie ended up peeing on her clothes because grandma took so long.

Both girls are getting bigger and their faces are filling out. Both Wes and I are ready for them to come home.

The lab screwed up the swabs so all the babies had to be re-swabbed. So, we have to wait another day on the MRSA results.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 2.9 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 12.4 oz

The girls are 3 weeks old today! Lizzie gets cultured again tomorrow to see if her MRSA has cleared up. The speech therapist checked while Wes was feeding and he did fine. Lizzie took most of her bottle and took 7 cc from me while on the breast. She is going great.

Gracie had a couple of episodes of bradys and apnea. She will try the bottle again on Monday with the speech therapist. Gracie is still trying to regulate her temperature and had to have her bed warmed a little. She is getting close to coming out. Once she gets a bit bigger, she will be ready. Hopefully, she will hit 4 lbs soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 31, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 1.6 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 11.8 oz

Gracie came back negative for MRSA. They are still slowly lowering her temperature to get her out of the isolet. Both girls started vitamins. Tomorrow, Gracie gets evaluated by a speech therapist for feeding. Lizzie had her today and did well. She took most of her bottle and showed all the signs of being ready.

At Lizzie's 8:30, we tried again on the breast. It was a pain. I have to wear an apron and gloves so it makes it really difficult and hot. I'm paranoid the whole time. I hate it. I hope it gets better when she gets home.