Friday, June 27, 2014

Beginning of Summer!

This summer has started out busy. They spent two weeks at VBS. Last weekend, we spent the weekend in Oklahoma with family! On Saturday, we traveled to Tulsa to spend the day with my aunt and uncle. It was great day! My cousin and his family, my parents, my sister and her family, and my other aunt and uncle were there. My aunt Kathy made two very delicious meals for us. The kids swam in the pool and did crafts.

kids swimming


My mom and my aunts with the kids

Grandma watching

Kathy and Gracie



sweet kiddos

Kathy with the kids

Being at my aunt and uncles has always been relaxing. It was fabulous day of just being together. Not worrying about anything and not being in a hurry. It reminded me of being a kid and visiting them. Always fun!

Kindergarten Graduation

Back in the early part of June, Lizzie and Gracie graduated from kindergarten. They were so excited! It was really cute. Each child was called up and then given a special award that was specific to them.
Lizzie's was Fabulous Fashion and Gracie's was Lovely Listener.  The kids wore mens button up shirts backwards and made mortar boards.

Gracie with her class
Lizzie with her class

Their mortar boards
Sweet girls
I can't believe that these two sweeties have completed their first year of school and are now first graders. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Are 6!

Last week, the girls celebrated their sixth birthday. They had a fantastic birthday week. We started the Saturday before with their birthday party at Build-A-Bear. Then led up to their actual birthday on Wednesday. Grandma and Papa came to celebrate at the party.

The girls loved the party! Their friends had a blast! It was a really great party.

picking out our bears
waiting our turn to get stuffed

our finished bears
hearing happy birthday
Silly girls
On their actual birthday, we took them to Rainforest Cafe. It was their first time to go. They had a blast watching the animals and eating.  
silly faces
our sweet six year olds
Each year, I tell them the story of their birth. I leave out some of the gory details.  Each year, I think back to that time in our lives and am thankful for so many things. Each year, I am astounded who these girls are and how far they have come. It's amazing what doctors and medicine can do. These two little girls fit in the palm of Wes' hand when they were born at 3 and 4 pounds. They are now sweet, smart, wonderful girls, whom we love very much.