Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Shower for Dawson!

This past weekend, the girls and I went to Oklahoma for my cousin's baby Shower. Angie, Chris and big sister Kassidy are expecting Dawson to arrive in April. The girls kept asking when baby Dawson was going to come out and found Angie's belly fascinating. They weren't so sure about the kicking.

Wes was suppose to go with us, but he had strep and ended up staying home to get better. My dad, brother-in-law Paul and niece Sydney all went to watch an Oklahoma State University basketball game while we were at the shower. Or as the girls called it, they went to Pistol Pete's house to watch him play basketball. My nephew Sam wanted to stay for the party. My uncle and aunt (Chris's dad) came down from Kansas for the shower.

The shower was at mom's house and a couple of Angie's friends did everything else. It was a really nice shower with lovely decorations and yummy food. When it came time to open presents, Lizzie and Gracie decided Angie needed help. Both girls crawled up next to her on the sofa and were tearing wrapping paper and pulling out tissue. They loved it. About half way through, Gracie told Angie she had to go pee pee. Angie told her to go and they would wait on her. Gracie comes running out of the bathroom with panties and tights around her ankles. By the time she runs up to Angie, she had the panties up but the tights were still down. She gets those up and then Angie asks if she washed her hands. She said no and then ran back to the bathroom. All the ladies there thought this was hilarious. My girls put on a good show.

After the shower, we went to dinner at a barbeque place near my parents house named Earls. It was really good.The girls and I had a blast and can't wait for Dawson to come!

Angie and my mom

Angie and I

Angie and Big Sister Kassidy

Lizzie, Gracie and Me

Laura, my sister and Me

Yummy food

Yummy cake

The assistants helping with presents

Silly kids, Lizzie, Gracie, Kassidy and Sam

Gracie and Lizzie

My aunt Betty, my sister and I

My sister, my mom and me

The kids table
My cousin Chris with Lizzie at dinner
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photography by Lizzie

Lizzie grabbed my camera for about 3 minutes and this is what she thought was photo worthy.

Notice her tennis shoes are in the shot. Along with Barbie and a flute

Barbie getting her close up

Hello Kitty and part of Gracie's shoe

Her Sesame Street drum

Random stuff on the floor
She had fun taking pictures of her toys on the floor. Both of the girls want to use the camera or the phone to take pictures. They haven't really learned that usually you take pictures of people's faces and not their chest. We are still working on that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playing at Chuck E Cheese!

This past weekend, we went to Chuck E Cheese for our twin group play date. The girls love CEC and want to go ALL the time! We had a blast! Of course I forgot my camera, so these are from my phone.

Riding the clock

Dancing with Chuck E Cheese

Sister Love

Eating Pizza

Look at her put that pizza in her mouth

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

The girls have been excited about Valentine's Day for a long time. This morning they got ready for school in record time. They knew there was going to be a party and mommy was helping host. I show up for the party and the all kids were so excited. The party went well.
Melted crayon hearts for the kids-these turned out great!
Before school
crazy girls
Throwing hearts in a bucket
Craft-glue and glitter-what could be better
waiting for snack
yummy cake and yogurt
heart pins that I made for the girls teachers
Wes came for the party too. The girls were so surprised to see their daddy there. They loved it! I'm glad that I helped out.

Friday, February 10, 2012

A Week with Grandma and Papa

This past week, the girls spent with Grandma and Papa.When we celebrated Grandma Susie, the girls went home with Grandma and Papa. They spent a couple of days with them and then I came up to spend a couple more days. So, I got a bit of a break and the girls got to spend time with family. We all had fun and the girls were spoiled.For their Valentine's Day present, Grandma and Papa got them Rapunzel dresses. Lizzie and Gracie loved them! They wore them a lot and even took them to bed with them. The girls also altered "Momma and Sweetie" to "Grandma and Sweetie". So funny.

Playing princess

Playing on Momma's phone

Breakfast at Braum's. The girls got ice cream for breakfast.

Watching Cinderella

Papa reading stories to the princesses

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy 87th Grandma

Today, we celebrated my Grandma's birthday. We spent the moving her furniture around for her. We were all exhausted but it was good to see her. The girls were really loving on her which I know grandma loved.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yoga Week

This week was all about yoga. On Monday, we had dinner with my teacher, Shanon, and some of my yoga friends. Tuesday, we tried some yoga at home. The girls were too busy showing me poses to pay attention to what I wanted them to do. Wednesday, was kids yoga with Cheryl. The girls love her. Thursday, I taught my first private lesson to my friend Amy. I had so much fun and Amy was an awesome student.
At preschool yoga