Friday, July 31, 2015

What happened to July?

Well, another month has gone by. Summer goes so quickly. The girls are having a great summer. With my more flexible work schedule, we are getting to spend more time together. We can sleep in and not hurry and get to a camp. We have had some fun though.

Our July started with us going to Oklahoma for the Fourth of July. We went to a yummy restaurant that had a live jazz band. Wes danced with the girls. They loved it. That night, we watched fireworks with the family. It was really fun!

 We happened to be in the mall one day and bought new hats! The girls loved them!

 We did have one camp this month. It was cooking camp and the girls loved it. They went last year and wanted to go back again this year.
 Wes has been wanting to go to the rodeo for a long time. I found one in a little town about an hour away. It was really fun. The girls liked it a lot. Both want to be barrel riders now. Please excuse my double chin, I'm sure its the angle of the camera......

 Nana adopted a dog, Willa, and she has been spending a lot of time with us. Nana is transitioning to a house from her apartment. We are taking care of Willa until Nana can take her full time. She is a really sweet dog and does well with Lizzie and Gracie.
I can't believe July is already gone! School will be starting again soon. We better make the best of August! My little girls are headed into the second grade when school starts. I can't believe it!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Was Busy!

This past month was really busy. This month, the girls had their first dance recital, their 7th birthday, spent a week with grandma, went to VBS, and finished first grade! June was exhausting.

In addition to all the activities, a squirrel decided that it was cold and wet one night during a rain storm and wanted into our house. It dug through our shingles and a hole in the siding. It was very strange one morning to not have a ceiling in my pantry because the water leaked in and destroyed it.