Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our First Christmas

Well, we survived our first Christmas. As Wes noted, the girls and I spent about 10 days in Oklahoma with family. We were very busy and had lots of fun. We are all very tired, especially the girls. Since we have been home, their sleep schedule has been totally off. They keep waking up during the night, Gracie with gas and Lizzie just talking. They got to see family that they have never seen before including their twin cousin Larry. The other twin Terry couldn't make it from Minnesota so maybe next year we will meet him. Grandma Darlene spent the week with us too. We kept her very busy and she enjoyed spending time with the girls.

We also learned to never try anything new in a different place. We decided to stop swaddling the girls and it was rough. They had a tough time sleeping. Also with daddy not staying with us, we had stand in night time help. Grandma Elaine helped one night and Papa Dale helped the other. Papa was good, except he broke the first rule of helping. He lost a pacifier. NEVER lose the pacifier, especially at night. I did forgive him because it was 3am.

Anyway, it was a great holiday! The girls are meeting so many milestones. Gracie is starting to roll from front to back! Lizzie is grabbing things. They both are eating their cereal and love it! It helps that we mix it with juice! See the slide show below of our fun time.

Monday, December 29, 2008

How many babies?

It was a year ago yesterday that we found out that I was pregnant with twins. We saw two little sacs with two little heart beats. We were so happy. Mom was in the room with us and started crying. I remember telling her to stop crying. I think we all (Wes included) shed a tear or two. With all that we went through, we were so relieved. The sonogram tech said it was good that we were so happy. Some couples are very upset when they find out it's twins. Because they call the girls Twin A and Twin B, my niece thought we had to name them with names that started with an A and a B.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Day Away

Well, yesterday marked the first day I was away from the girls. We all went up to Oklahoma over the weekend for Christmas, but I had to come back to work. The only thing I can tell you is that our house is VERY quite. The house just felt empty with out Melissa and the girls there. I think if I had my choice I would pick the sleepless nights with my girls (yes, Melissa included) over an empty house.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Time to read!

While Wes was cooking dinner, I read a book to the girls. They loved it. They were in their high chairs and watched me very intently. After the book was done, I gave Gracie the book and got another one for Lizzie.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Visit with Santa

The girls went and saw Santa tonight. Every year, Santa visits this house and sits in his sleigh for two hours and kids can tell him what they want. We have visited him in the past with my niece and nephew and one of Wes's cousins. This year we were able to visit him with our own kids.

Fortunately, it was a great night. It was really warm and we were able to walk right up. There was another family leaving as we drove up. I walked up to him with Lizzie and Wes asked if he could handle two. He thought he could. The girls did really well. When we went to take the girls from Santa, both had grabbed Santa's beard. We had to untangle their hands and leave Santa. Of course, I was more excited than the girls.

Lizzie wasn't so sure in this one

It was only slightly better in this one.

We also had a special present under the tree the other day......

Friday, December 12, 2008

Random photos and video

Gracie is playing with her new friend Lauren with Daddy and Lauren's daddy Greg.

Gracie playing with her toys while Grandma and Papa visit.

Lizzie playing while Grandma and Papa visit.

And lastly....

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Six Months

Today is the girls six months birthday. They were born six months ago and are 1/2 a year old. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago. They have come a long way since the first time I saw them in the NICU. Even then, we knew that they weren't identical. I thought they looked nothing alike. It was fun seeing them for the first time. It was surreal to know that what I was looking at was in my belly only a few hours before.

The only thing that we weren't ready for was the NICU time. We spent four nights in the hospital to be close to the girls. We were there for almost every feeding. To get a change of scenery, Wes would take me in the wheel chair and take me on tours of the hospital. He wheeled me all over that place. We would go visit the night nurses in antepartum that treated me.

After I was discharged, I would go up in the morning right before lunch and then come home. Wes would get home from work at 3:00 (after he would go in at 6:00am) so we could go back up for the 5:00 and 8:00 feeding. I would pump in between in the "pump room" at the hospital. That was not fun either because I always worried that someone would walk in on me.

It was hard going to the hospital every day and seeing other mommies and daddies take their babies home while we had to leave ours there. We knew it was the best for the girls, but I would cry and pray every night that soon I would take them home. It was a very rough time for us. Those little girls kept us worried too. They were hooked up to monitors that would go off when the girls would forget to breathe. It was so scary. We spent one evening there just watching Gracie's monitor go off every couple of minutes. Wes refused to leave. He had blood shot eyes and would just watch. I finally told him I couldn't take it anymore and was hurting from my c-section and we went home. We did learn a lot about caring for the girls from the nurses. We knew what to look for as issues and how to deal with them.

Anyway, the best thing is that the girls are home and growing big. Every day is exciting and exhausting. Hopefully, tonight they will let us sleep and not wake up. They are still not feeling well from the ear infections, but are better.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandparents are Great!

Grandparents are great! My parents came to help with the girls because of the ear infections. It's been great. I've never known anyone who loves to change diapers! It really helful to have them.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sick day

Today was the first time I stayed home with sick babies. It didn't go as bad as I thought. The girls did pretty well. Both girls were feeling better so they weren't as crabby. We went to the doctor which is always fun with two babies. Fortunately, they always help me and the girls weren't fussy. It did get lots of comments from the other parents.

Even though the girls are doing better, I can't keep Grandma away. She and Papa are on their way now to help with the girls. I really appreciate my parents and that they are close enough to help us. With two girls and working full time, it's good to have them close.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sick babies

Well, this weekend the girls got their first ear infection. Poor Gracie has been screaming off and on all day because it hurts. Both girls have a fever. Gracie woke up yesterday with a fever. We called the doctor and gave her Tylenol and her fever went down. Then it went back up again. Wes had to take her to the kiddie urgent care while I stayed at home and cleaned for a Christmas party.

Today, Lizzie at around 1:00 got a fever. Wes went back to the kiddie urgent care and found out that Lizzie had an ear infection in the same ear as Gracie. She's doing better than Gracie because we caught her's quicker. So, Lizzie has been sleepy all day.

On top of the ear infection, both girls now have colds. So, tomorrow I get to take a day off of work to stay home with two cranky sick babies. I feel sorry for the girls because I know it must hurt. They look at us like we should fix it and we can't.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One year ago.....

Yesterday was the anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with the girls. It was one year ago that we got up early and went to have the blood test to find out if I was pregnant. I remember we were 3rd or 4th in line. The other woman who had a transfer the same day I did was there too. It was very nerve racking. We were told that we wouldn't have results until after 2:00pm. Wes and I went home, got in our separate cars and went to work.

On my way to work, I decided to rear-end someone and ended up totaling the car. I called Wes and he freaked. He turned around, came and got me. He told the police that he was taking me to the hospital and I was pregnant.

We got to the hospital and as I was being checked into the ER (my first trip ever), the cop came and gave Wes a lecture and told him to calm down. It was kind of funny. He told Wes that he couldn't imagine how he would react in the delivery room.

They took me back to a room and checked me out. They did a pregnancy test and told me it was positive. Wes and I didn't believe their test and asked to do a second blood test. They did it and it was positive again! We were so excited. While I was in the ER, I had called the doctors office and told them about the accident. Later that day, they called to check on me and said I was the third person they had that day (who did a blood test) to have a car accident. Anyway, I was able to tell the nurse that I was pregnant. It usually worked the other way around..... It was a crazy and exciting day!

There were two good things that day. I was pregnant and we were able to buy a new bigger car for the girls.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rice Cereal

Last night the girls got rice cereal for the first time! It was so exciting and fun to feed it to them. It took both girls a little bit to figure out how to use the spoon, but then they got it! We learned that you don't try to feed it to them when they are sleepy and cranky......

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the girls are getting so big! Lizzie is 12lbs and Gracie is 11lbs 7oz. They got a shot and spit up all over Daddy and I. We are getting bad about remember all our baby supplies when we go places. We left the diaper bag in the car so Wes had to run out to get it while I waited with two babies in diapers! They were very cute and started sucking on each others hands.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back to it

Well Thanksgiving weekend went well! We are back all safe and sound. We had a slight issue on the way home when we realized we forgot diapers! We spend a half an hour searching Paul's Valley for a grocery store to get diapers. Once we found some we fed the girls and got back on the road.

Last night both girls decided to wake up at 2am then 3am then again at 4am. What fun!..... We are trying a new night time feeding schedule in an effort for Melissa and I to get some more sleep. We are now feeding them at 8pm then again at 11pm. We are hoping the girls will last until 5 am. That will give us 5 1/2 hours of sleep in a row!

The girls have their December Synagis shot today. Melissa and I are going to take the opportunity to ask Dr. Jim a bunch of questions.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. We had a great day. The trip to OKC went well and the girls slept. It's been hard keeping with the girls sleep schedule while we are here, but it's been ok. They will be totally messed up next week and we will spend time adjusting.

For Thanksgiving, we had lots of people here. It was really fun to see everyone. Today we celebrated my birthday with a dinner out with the family. Chris, Angie, and Kassidy were even there!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving number two. Grandma Susie and Dick are coming. It should be fun!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today is Melissa's Birthday!!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Melissa is off of work this week for Thanksgiving, so she is staying home with the girls. I unfortunately have to work, so they are picking me up for lunch today. On Wednesday we are making our second trip to Oklahoma with the girls. We are going to try to drive in the afternoon instead of waiting until after the girls 8pm feeding. It may be a nightmare... or they could sleep, which will mean they will be up all night. We will be having Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Elaine's house. Grandma and Grandpa Potter are coming too! Should be a great weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The beginning......

Wes and I were just talking the other day that November 19th will be the anniversary of the conception of the girls. It’s the day that we did the egg retrieval for our IVF. My birthday will be the anniversary of the girls being implanted. When we went in for implant, they showed us a picture of two embryos and the doctor said he was implanting two. The nurse looked at the picture and said it looks like twins. She was right. December 3rd we found out I was pregnant and then a few weeks later we found out it was two! We were so excited and scared. Then seven months after that the girls were born and life got really complicated!

Getting sick......

Well, this was a first for us. We both got sick on the same day. I never get sick, but I came down with the stomach flu on Saturday night. I was sick all night, but still had to get up to feed the girls. Then at 10 am, Wes got sick. I was desperate and called my mom and dad. They, being the good grandparents they are, dropped everything and came to our rescue. They came and made us dinner, took care of the girls, and cleaned the house. They are the best parents!

While they were here, Gracie decided to roll over when grandma wasn't looking. Grandma put Gracie in the crib on her belly turned her back for a second then turned around again and Gracie was on her back! Both girls are getting so strong! Lizzie is getting so chatty. She likes to talk all the time and tell us everything.

These girls are so wonderful!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wes and I were just talking the other day that November 19th will be the anniversary of the conception of the girls. It’s the day that we did the egg retrieval for our IVF. My birthday will be the anniversary of the girls being implanted. When we went in for implant, they showed us a picture of two embryos and the doctor said he was implanting two. The nurse looked at the picture and said it looks like twins. She was right. December 3rd we found out I was pregnant and then a few weeks later we found out it was two! We were so excited and scared. Then seven months after that the girls were born and life got really complicated!

Monday, November 10, 2008

5 Months Old

Tomorrow will be the girls 5 month birthday! I can't believe it has been that long ago that they were born. We are still adjusting to the girls and raising them. I still can't believe we have two and wonder everyday how we will make it! Amazingly, each night I think we did it! Now that we aren't waking up every three hours it's been great!

When the girls first came home from the NICU, we were so tired waking up every three hours to feed them. It would take about an hour to warm bottle, feed, pump, and then back to sleep for about 2 hours then back up a again. One night, Wes turned to me and said "I don't know how I'm going to be able to do this", I said back, "Who else it there to do it?". We got through and now the girls are so big (to us anyway)! We had alot of help in the beginning.
Lizzie at birth then

Lizzie now at 5 months

Gracie at birth then

Gracie now at 5 months


This weekend was the girls baptism. We had two great-grandmas, one great papa, two papas, two grandma's, one great-aunt, aunt, uncle, and two cousins come to see the girls be baptized. We also had four of our best friends come and celebrate. We took up two and a half rows of pews. The girls were also baptized with their new friend Lauren.

Everyone from out of town came by Saturday and we had a full house! We almost ran out of chairs. We had a great time and ate ourselves sick...... We went to Babe's on Saturday and had barbeque on Sunday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tomorrow's Big Day

We are expecting a lot of company tomorrow. We are going to have lots of grandma's and papa's coming. The girls are getting baptized on Sunday. They also have their aunt Laura, uncle Paul, and cousins Sydney and Sam coming. It should be a fun time! We are so excited.

Our flickr page


Second Post

Hi I'm dad, also known as Wes.

Well Nanny/Granny, what ever she wants to be called, (my mom) came into town last night. Her flight was delayed by about 4 hours and I had to pick her up around midnight. She is watching the girls today and is almost giddy about it. I asked her if she will be ok with the girls and she said yes.... I'll ask her again this evening... I expect a different answer LOL. Great-grandma (my grandma) , Great Aunt Sherry, Grandma and Grandpa Potter (my other grandparents) Papa (Melissa's dad), Grandma Elaine (Melissa's Mom - yes Elaine I know you hate that name! haha) , Laura, Paul, Sydney and Sam are coming in tomorrow for the girls baptism on Sunday. Should be a blast!....


Here is a picture of the girls first photo shoot! They are so cute!

First post

I just decided that I needed to start blogging about life with our twin girls. Having a baby is a scary and wonderful time, but with two its even more challenging and exciting. Our girls are almost 5 months old now and it seems that time flies quickly! We love them so much and love watching them grow.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 5

Lizzie is 5 lbs 7.2 oz
Gracie is 4 lbs 1.3 oz

Lizzie was gassy today. She also slept through breast feeding 2 times. The lactation consultat came and helped for one. She didn't really do anything different than what I did. It also turns out the infection in Gracie's eye is e coli. Also, 5 of the babies in the step down are MRSA positive. So, we all sweat to death to see our babies. Both girls are doing well. Lizzie is taking her 4 bottles a day and does well with the bottle. The breast is a little harder. Gracie is close to being able to take the bottle or the breast. Hopefully, Lizzie will click soon and it won't take Gracie long after. Once the girls get home, we won't really have to worry about the staph infection anymore. They will be just normal girls.

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 6 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 15.8 oz

Lizzie is now up to bottles every other feeding. She and Gracie have both tested positive for MRSA. That means Wes and I have to put on yellow gowns and gloves. It make us hot. I tried to breast feed Lizzie and she was too sleepy to try. Gracie tried an open crib today but got too cold and moved back to her isolet. They will try her again in a couple of days.

I asked today how long until the girls go home. It looks like a couple more weeks. We also saw my friend Brandi in the NICU. She delivered yesterday. Hopefully, tomorrow Gracie will be 4 lbs! On Monday, she gets to try the bottle again!

We left the hospital early today so we could go see fireworks. We met our friends the Halsteads in the Catholic church parking lot with my parents to watch. It was nice to get away. We have been so consumed by the girls and trying to get them home.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 4 oz
Gracie is 3lbs 14 oz

I didn't get to breast feed today. Lizzie got cold over night and had to be put under the warmer. They did some blood tests and she did not have an infection. They also tested for MRSA. We will find out later if she has it. She started to pep up after I changed her at 11:30 am diaper change. She was pretty sleepy for her bottle from Wes but she still got a lot of her bottle.

Gracie had a couple of apnea and brady spells. One she recovered on her own and the other they had to give her oxygen. Her grandma held her today after she took forever to change her diaper and clothes. Gracie ended up peeing on her clothes because grandma took so long.

Both girls are getting bigger and their faces are filling out. Both Wes and I are ready for them to come home.

The lab screwed up the swabs so all the babies had to be re-swabbed. So, we have to wait another day on the MRSA results.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 2, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 2.9 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 12.4 oz

The girls are 3 weeks old today! Lizzie gets cultured again tomorrow to see if her MRSA has cleared up. The speech therapist checked while Wes was feeding and he did fine. Lizzie took most of her bottle and took 7 cc from me while on the breast. She is going great.

Gracie had a couple of episodes of bradys and apnea. She will try the bottle again on Monday with the speech therapist. Gracie is still trying to regulate her temperature and had to have her bed warmed a little. She is getting close to coming out. Once she gets a bit bigger, she will be ready. Hopefully, she will hit 4 lbs soon.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June 31, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs 1.6 oz
Gracie is 3 lbs 11.8 oz

Gracie came back negative for MRSA. They are still slowly lowering her temperature to get her out of the isolet. Both girls started vitamins. Tomorrow, Gracie gets evaluated by a speech therapist for feeding. Lizzie had her today and did well. She took most of her bottle and showed all the signs of being ready.

At Lizzie's 8:30, we tried again on the breast. It was a pain. I have to wear an apron and gloves so it makes it really difficult and hot. I'm paranoid the whole time. I hate it. I hope it gets better when she gets home.

Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008

Lizzie is 5 lbs
Gracie is 3 lbs 10.6 oz

The girls are 34 weeks today. Gracie was taken off caffeine. She is being left on her own to see how she does. She is doing well on her temperature. She is now just barely warmer than the room outside her isolet. We may try a bottle again on Wednesday.

She is now up to 3 bottles a day. However, we found out today that she has MRSA. It's in her eye and shows up as goop. She has been on antibiotics for 2 days now. We have to wear special yellow plastic gowns and gloves. It's hotter than heck wearing them. We have to do it until she is discharged. Wes and I hope it's soon.

Both girls are suppose to see the speech therapist, but she is on vacation. The hospital is suppose to get someone else. Hopefully, they will. The doctor thought that Lizzie would leave before Gracie.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008

Lizzie is 4lbs 14.8oz
Gracie is 3lbs 9oz

We tried breast feeding Lizzie for the second time. She took 4cc of milk. She is getting bigger every day. We went to their 11:30, 2:30, and 8:30 feeding. We tried the breast again at 8:30 again. Wes did the 11:30 feeding with a bottle. We also gave Lizzie a bath for the first time. Gracie is still to little for us to give a bath. The nurses can do it faster so she is not out of the isolet that long.

Gracie was good. She had a couple of desat spells but recovered on her own. She is getting bigger. She stayed awake while Wes held her yesterday. He held her three times.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28, 2008

Lizzie is 4lbs 13.5oz
Gracie is 3lbs 8oz

Lizzie breast fed for the first time today. She took 15cc and then had the rest through the tube. She took over half her bottle in the evening from Wes. She was moved to an open crib.

Gracie is still on caffeine to help with her bradys. The doctors will revisit later this week to see when she will come off. She has had some spells but recovered on her own. To be moved to an open crib, she has to be about 1800 grams. That's about 4 lbs

Our Story

So, I'm cheating. I started this blog when the girls were about 5 months old. After so much had happened; the pregnancy, the delivery, the nanny, and the daycare.

While the girls were in the NICU, one of the nurses suggested keeping a journal of my thoughts, feeling, and events for the girls. I decided to back date the blog and transfer those journal entries to this blog.

Just some back ground. My pregnancy was pretty uneventful until about the last month or two. I was diagnosed with placenta previa, one of the girl's (Twin A, Lizzie) placenta was over my cervix. Because you can't deliver the placenta before the baby, I was guaranteed a c-section and it's very dangerouse because the mother and baby (or in my case babies) can bleed out. This usually goes away in most people and my OB told me she was almost sure it would move. The perinatalogist wasn't so sure. He kept telling me it may not.

Anyway, around week 24 the placenta hadn't moved and I was put on modified bed rest. The perinatalogist told me that one night I would wake up in a puddle of blood and I would have 30 minutes to get to the hospital. I was going to the ob or peri every other week for sonos and checkups. Each time my bed rest became closer and closer to hospital bed rest. I was guaranteed hospital bedrest at 32 weeks (if I could make it until then) until I delivered or 36 weeks whichever came first. During all this, my OB went on maternity leave. She kept telling me she would be back to deliver, but I would see one of her partners in the meantime. I guess she needs a new crystal ball.

At 30 weeks and 5 days (a Friday), the dog woke Wes and I up at 11:50. I got up and went to the rest room while Wes put the dog out. I was doing my business when I felt something different. I looked in the toilet and saw blood. I calmly told Wes I needed to go to the hospital and ran to find clothes. We jumped in the car, I called my parents, and Wes drove 100 mph to the hospital. I was worried about the girls, but I felt them both kicking me so I knew they were ok. Three things worked for us, prayer, no cops and no traffic on I-635.

We got to the hospital and I pushed the after hours button, told them I was bleeding, 30 weeks pregnant with twins. They buzzed me in and we got in the elevator to go upstairs. When we got to the nurses station, they didn't have any rooms so I stayed in triage for most the night. They had to call the on call nurse to take care of me. They gave me turbutiline to help stop the contractions. This drug would make my heart race and me shake. It was awful. The next thing that happened was my blood pressure dropped. They put me in what they call trendelenburg position (pretty much me standing on my head in the bed). I was on heart monitors for the girls and a monitor for the contractions. Gracie really hated the monitor, she would kick it and then move as soon as they placed it.

They called the on call OB to see me. I think they were trying to decide if I would stop bleeding, stop contracting, or should they take the girls. They gave me my first of two steroid shots anyway. I didn't get any pain meds because they hadn't decided what they were going to do. Either I was at peace or too stupid to know to be scared. Wes of course was scared for both of us. The nurse had to ask him to sit down because he was making her nervous. Somewhere in the middle of all this my parents arrive. They are the best parents and are always there for us.

After about 7 hours of contracting, shaking, and pain. I was finally moved to an antepartum room where I was suppose to stay until 36 weeks. They put me on magnesium sulfate which is a terrible drug. It makes you feel like you have the flu. Sweaty, dry mouth, feverish, and yucky all over. I was so hot that the room was set at 50 degrees and I was still sweating with a fan on me. I was on this for 36 hours and I was on a liquid diet for the entire time.

As soon as I was off the mag, we found ants in my room so I was moved to another room. This room had the construction elevator right outside the window. So every morning at 7:00 am I heard the workers start their day. From the mag, I went to a pump that gave me the turbutiline constantly. It was like I was on speed for 2 days before I got use to it. The lady had to come twice to show me how to work the pump because I was so heavily medicated.

I couldn't sleep at night while I was in the hospital and slept during the day. I remember being worried about my hair and wanting to get it cut. I had lined out my stylist to come to the hospital to cut it later in the week. By Wednesday (32 weeks and 3 days), I was tired of the hospital TV and bored. I was very weepy that day and cried almost all day. I also had weird contraction all that day. I had been contracting since I had arrived at the hospital off and on. I sent my mom and dad to eat dinner outside of the hospital because my mom hadn't left my side for any length of time. I ate my dinner and went to the rest room. Again, I started bleeding. Wes hit the nurse call and within seconds I had about 5 nurses in my room. They called the OB on call. I remember hearing one of the nurses, "tell her to get here right away". It turns out the same doctor on call was the one that was on call the night I came in. I could tell she was thinking about her options, but was going to take the girls.

As soon as she made her decision, the nurses got to work. They tried to get an IV in me but my veins were not cooperating. It took about 10 minutes to get it in and finally the anesthesialogist had to put it in. They got me in the OR, put the spinal in, and laid me on the table. It was very hot in the room because the girls were so premature (usually for c-sections it's very cold). Wes was dying in his "bunny suit" (surgical scrubs). They told me I was going to feel pressure and within minutes, they said Twin A was out. It was Lizzie, she was only making gurgling noise and had to be intubated. They then said that Gracie was going to be more difficult and then a minute later I heard her cry. Because they were working on Lizzie I only got to see Gracie briefly. They were both rushed to the NICU and I was sent to recovery.

Of course I don't remember much because they gave me the "happy juice" and I was out. I woke up hours later watching one of our good friend from church helping Wes move me to a postpartum room. I didn't get to see the girls that night because I was so heavily medicated and anemic. I saw them at 8:00 the next morning. They were so beautiful to me.

Wes and I spent the next 4 days wandering the halls of the hospital. Seeing the girls for feedings and then taking walks around to pass the time. We weren't able to hold the girls for about 72 hours because of their prematurity. It was a very difficult time. My hormones were raging and I was crying all the time. We went home after 4 days but it would be another 5 weeks before the girls joined us. It's very sad to watch all the other mothers go home with a baby and to walk out knowing you had to come back worried about your tiny babies.

Anyway, the following post are about the NICU time. I didn't start right way. I started writing after the girls were there 17 days. They ended up staying 40 days in the NICU. I was up at the hospital about 3 times a day and trying to recover from the c-section. It was really rough.