Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Fall Fun!

This weekend was full of more festivities for us. We had a couple a birthday parties and some Halloween parties.

On Friday, we had our yoga Halloween party. It was really fun. The girls had blast. They wore some of their dress up clothes and loved it.

Getting ready
Butterfly pose
Listening to Ms Cheryl  

 On Saturday, we had our twin club Fall Festival. It was really cold but really fun.The kids played on the playground and then ran around the pumpkins. We have gone to the same patch for three years.

Picture of all the twins
"Ring around the rosie....."
Two little girls that wouldn't cooperate for pictures
We had two birthday parties in addition to the fall parties. It was a fun but busy weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Halloween HullabaBoo!

Today, was filled with fall and Halloween fun. The day started off with a pumpkin patch with the girls school and ended with a Halloween carnival at church.

This morning, we went into school and then headed over to the pumpkin patch. We had fun. The girls loved it. They got to play, learn about pumpkins, hear stories and do a scavenger hunt.

Listening to story

Love this!

The girls and I
 So after a long day, we went home rested up and then went back up to church for the Halloween HullabaBOO! We had great time. The girls loved it.
Ready to go!

It was a fun filled day! The girls love Halloween this year!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Girls and Their Pumpkins

Tonight, we "carved" our pumpkins with the girls. Last year, we had a cute Hello Kitty pumpkin that was stolen on Halloween. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE Hello Kitty and to steal my pumpkin was a horrible crime.

This year, I set out to replace Hello Kitty the best I could. The closest I could come was Ms Potato Head princess and Minnie Mouse. The girls loved helping put these together. It was really fun.

This year, these pumpkins will stay inside and not sit in our porch.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Last Monday, the girls went to the dentist to get their teeth cleaned for the first time. I was nervous about how they would do. They were awesome!

The hygienist, Laurie, asked the girls who wanted to go first. Gracie said, "Lizzie will go first". So, Lizzie went first. She climbed up in the chair and sat really sit. She was ready. First up was getting x-rays of her teeth. She sat really sit and did a great job. Laurie was very impressed and said that Lizzie earned two prizes. While she walked away to get the film developed, Gracie said "I'm gonna do good and get two prizes too". When Laurie came back, I made sure to tell her what Gracie said. The rest of Lizzie's cleaning went great! Up next was Gracie's turn. As she promised, she did excellent getting her x-rays. She sat really still for her x-rays and really still for her cleaning. I was so proud of them.

All of the staff had to come see the girls and tell me how good they did. Laurie kept telling me what great girls they were.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy October Weekend

This weekend was busy. It started with a twin club play date and ended with a Sunday school party. It was a mix of busy and relaxed.
Playing on the dragon

Gracie on the top

Lizzie Climbing up the dragon

The girls at the pumpkin patch
 Every year, we go to the same pumpkin patch. It's at a Lutheran church by the house. The girls love it! On Saturday, we went to see the pumpkins.
Little scarecrows

The pumpkin picture
Saturday was nice but breezy..... Look at our hair!
Lizzie loves pumpkins! They are her favorite color.
Gracie loves them too.
 After the pumpkin patch, the girls wanted to play. We took them to the new playground. Of course, everyone in town was playing at the new playground too! The girls had a blast.
 On Sunday, it was performance time. Lizzie and Gracie started choir practice this year at our church and today was their first performance. They did really well and loved it!
In their choir robes.
 It brought back many memories for me. I sang in the children's choir at my church growing up. Love those memories.

Sunday evening, we had a Sunday school party! It was really fun and we stayed out until dark! The girls loved playing and we enjoyed visiting.
Gracie enjoying a cupcake.
 What a great weekend! October looks like it will be busy for us! More fun to come!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ice Skating!

On Monday, the girls started ice skating lessons. Wes has been so excited about the girls learning how to ice skate. He learned when he was 5 to skate and played hockey through college. So this was exciting for him! Unfortunately, he had to travel for work and missed the first lesson.
Gracie with skates on

Lizzie with skates on
Learning how to "fall down" - on the soft floor

"Marching" with our skates on

Finally on the ice with "walkers"
The girls had a blast! They loved every minute of it! They were actually pretty good. They were able to "march" back and forth really well. They can't wait to back next Monday!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

10th Anniversay Weekend

Friday was our 10th anniversary!

On our wedding day
This young and skinny couple is Wes and I on our wedding day ten year ago. Our marriage has been good, but not without our own ups and downs. We have learned that the only constant was change. We have been through a lot, school, finding jobs, losing jobs, infertility, high risk pregnancy, birth, twins and life with twins. We still work on making a great marriage.

To celebrate, Wes and I went to San Antonio while the girls spent the weekend in Oklahoma with Grandma and Papa. We used some of Wes' well earned hotel points and stayed in a Holiday Inn Express that was converted County Jail. The room was long and narrow. I called it our "cell". Our hotel was within walking distance of everything.

Our cell

As soon as we arrived to our hotel on Friday, I received this text from my sister.
And then this one.

I believe this is the work of my niece Sydney. She loves to put on makeup right now.

After we got settled into our hotel, we headed out to the River Walk. It was hot. We walked up and down the river and enjoyed being together. As we got to one part of the river, we saw some people on a stage. Turns out they were rehearsing for a marriage proposal. We hung out a bit to watch and wait for the bride-to-be to arrive. Good news, she said yes. After that, we went and had a great dinner and then went back to the hotel. 

On Saturday, we got up and went to Market Square. It was only a couple of blocks away. We spent the morning there shopping, walking and eating lunch. On the street they were having an old car show. As we walked out of a building, there was a pink car and an orange one (Gracie's favorite color is pink and Lizzie's is orange). It was a beautiful reminder of my sweet girls.
 After we were done with the market, we went back to the hotel and rested a bit. Once we rested up, we got in the car and went to see some sites. We drove by the Alamo (we have both seen it several times) and then went to the King William district to see some old houses. They were really pretty. Once we had seen enough houses, we decided to head to San Marcos outlets. Got all the way there and decided there wasn't anything to see and instead shopped at a shopping center nine miles away. By then, it was time for dinner and we had steak! A cold front moved in and started making it chilly.

On Sunday, we packed up to leave. We checked out of the hotel and had breakfast. After breakfast, we got on the road. We made a couple of detours and stopped in Waco to see our friend Candace. We were exhausted when we got home and ordered a pizza. 

We had a really good weekend and anniversary. We have many more anniversaries to celebrate ahead.