Monday, August 30, 2010

A case of the Mondays

Today was a rough day with the girls. Lizzie woke up cranky. She fussed about everything from getting her diaper changed to eating breakfast. After breakfast, she cranked and fussed at her sister by hitting and pushing.

Our plan today was to meet Karla of Soap Addict for lunch. We picked Chick fil a to meet. I got there first and got the girls out of the car. I was so proud of myself because I carried them both in. That's when the good times ended. I chose to not use a high chair or booster and let the girls sit in the booth. We sat where they could see the drive thru. Big mistake. The girls loved watching the cars and not eat. Then they decided they liked to stand up and bounce in the seat. At one point, Lizzie was hanging over the edge and tipped and fell into the booth behind us. She was fine, just a little stunned and so was the man sitting a booth over from us. I tried not to make eye contact with him because I was not feeling like the best mom at that moment.

We then moved our chaos to the play area. I expected a decent toddler area. Unfortunately, it didn't exist. The girls occupied themselves with a bottom step and running around. Did I mention the play area smelled moldy? Also, dance class must have just gotten out because there were a ton of girls in leotards. There were a couple of mean girls that wanted to sit in the only part that my kids could go in and didn't want any other kids in it. I finally got up and sweetly said that my girls wanted to play in there too. They sweetly said back that it was ok and let the girls in. Karla was a real trooper and hung in there with me! Thanks Karla! I hope you want to meet me again for lunch!

Then it was back home and they fell asleep in the car and refused to take a nap at home. I didn't care, I left them in their room for a couple of hours and they played. I finally get them out and cranky Lizzie is back. Wes finally gets home and takes them outside while I cook dinner. After dinner, I take a break by hiding in our bathroom. Wes knew I was desperate.

It's days like today where I tease Wes that they are trying to make me go back to work. However, even as bad as it can be I'm still happy being with them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

More flowers

I've been making more flowers lately. The girls were invited to a couple of birthday parties so I got busy. Both parties were very fun for the girls. Last weekend, we went to a swim party for Caroline and Lauren who are turning 4 and 2. This weekend was for Reese and Riley who are turning 2!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Toys

This evening, we had visitors so we played in the yard with some of our toys. Our visitors were Grandma, Papa and Nana. Grandma and Papa brought a teeter-totter that was Sydney and Sammy's. The girls loved crawling on it and using it like a horse. Also, we played with our bubble machine. The girls love to play in the bubbles and turn off and on the machine. I need to learn how to make bubbles.

Lizzie and her bubble machine

Girls on the teeter-totter (Papa had to help the balance)

On the teeter-totter

Sweet picture of Lizzie

Sweet one of Gracie

I threw this one in because they were so pretty in their dresses

Friday, August 20, 2010


Because I am now home more, I have had a little more time to craft. Before, the only chance I had was at crafting lunch at work. Now, I have less stress and can craft at home. I have had some projects that I wanted to try and never felt I was there craft-wise to do it.

One project I wanted to tackle was a rag wreath. It was so easy and fun to make. I thought I was going to use this "vintage" 70's fabric (thanks Stephanie) that was given to me. I started it and Wes said it was a little much. So, I looked through my fabric stash to find more fabric. See Stephanie, I'm actually using left overs for something. I finished it off by using some of my ribbon that was left over from hair bow making for the girls. I'm thinking I'll make another one for Christmas.

My wreath

Another project I worked on was creating some rosettes for Stephanie's daughter Alex for her 7th birthday. I made a headband and pony tail holder with rosettes. I took a girls headband and wrapped it with a burgundy satin fabric, made a rosette and then a bow with some awesome ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a headband on your own head? I forgot to take a picture of the ponytail holder. I thought it was really cute.

More rosettes to come later........

Color, Color

The girls love to color. They are always pulling out their coloring book and crayons to color. They have been know to color on their toys, walls, themselves or furniture. We have to restrict them to coloring at their table.
Lizzie hard at work
Lizzie smiling for the camera
Gracie smiling for the camera
Gracie's funny face
Coloring before they start getting in to trouble for standing on their chairs. Or coloring on their face.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 3

This is the beginning of week 3 at home with the girls. Gracie was pretty fussy this morning. I called Wes and told him that she was trying to get me to go back to work. He laughed and said I better not!

We don't really have a big week planned. Yesterday, we went to a birthday party for Alex who turned 7. She is the daughter of one of my former co-workers. It was good to see Stephanie, I've missed her a lot. It was a pool party but Wes and I stayed inside and pretended the pool didn't exist. I decided to make Alex's present and made her a head band with flower and a pony tail holder with flower. It was good to get back to my craftiness!

This morning we went to Ikea with my friend Amy and her sweet girls Reese and Riley. Before we walked out the door, Lizzie had to say good bye to the potties, Molly (dog), Allie (cat) and Leo (cat). Then Gracie was fussy again in the car and Lizzie had to clown around to make Gracie laugh. Its amazing how they are in tune with each other.

On Wednesday Nana comes for a visit. I also have a couple of Melissa activities planned including a lunch with a couple of my former co-workers. I'm very excited!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just documenting....

The girls are at a stage that they are doing so much stuff, I just wanted to note it so we can look back on it later.

  • The girls really love playing in sand, especially Lizzie.
  • They both love their dog Molly. When we leave the house, they have to say goodbye to Molly, Allie and Leo (cats). They both wave really big.
  • The both like to say Hi and Bye to complete strangers. Sometimes they are shy and other times they are very friendly.
  • They love to watch people. It's hard to eat at restaurants because they have to know what everyone is doing.
  • They like to watch us cook.
  • They always want to help. They get very mad if they can't help carry in groceries.
  • Lizzie loves the Wonder Pets and calls they "backpack" (I think because of the cape).
  • Gracie loves to dance. Anytime music comes on she dances.
  • Both girls want ice in their water and like using big girl cups. We are starting to have fewer and fewer spills now.
  • They like to hug each other and are very considerate of each other. When one is upset the other tries to console her.
  • They know when they are good and bad. You can ask if they did something naughty and they are honest.
  • They love to pray at night. They will put their hands together and close their eyes. One time during nap time, I was peeking in and Lizzie had a book, turned the pages, closed the book, said "The End" and then put her hands together said "Amen" and went to sleep.
I guess that's enough for now. I'm sure I will think of more and post that too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Story Time

Today the girls and I went for an outing. I decided to take the girls to the library for story time. Story time starts at 10:30 sharp (don't be late because you don't get in). The girls and I got there too early and had to wait.

To entertain them, I tried lots of things. We first tried to red a book, but they were not interested. Then we went to the fun looking bench. That lasted until we saw the water outside. I was thinking great, we can watch the water for awhile, until I realized it was the emergency exit and the girls wanted to pull the handle. Gracie and Lizzie then decide to run up and down the aisle. I kept thinking, why am I doing this to myself.

Next, Lizzie runs into a chair and screams. I was really embarrassed. All the other mommies were giving me dirty looks. Finally, 10:30 arrives and the doors open.

The girls hand over their tickets and we go in. They pick the seats and we sit down. We first start with songs and the girls like it. Then the story teller starts reading a book. This looses my girls' interest and they start squirming. I'm thinking this is the longest story ever.

We finally end that story and sing another song. The girls are happy again. Then it's another story, again my girls lose interest. To occupy themselves, the girls start running between me and the wall. Another girl sees this and decides she's going to do it too. Her mom stares at me and gives me dirty looks. Finally after 3 long books and several songs, we move on to the craft. The craft involves a glue stick. So there are tons of kids squished around this table trying to glue down a barn and pig.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough. We will probably go back because the girls enjoyed most of it but I'm not sure about myself.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Visit to OKC

We had an extremely busy week last week. It was week one of me being home with the girls. We spent it in Oklahoma City with my family. Wes had to travel for work so I decided to spend the week with my family.

We had a good week but I was incredibly exhausted. We saw great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and more cousins. The girls loved being with Sydney and Sam. They played in a spray park, they played in the water outside, they played in the sand, and we all sweated in the 100 degree heat!

Before Wes went out of town, we bought a new netbook for me. It's awesome. I downloaded Skype and Picasa and was able to post pictures and web chat with Wes. Two of the mornings, all the kids "called" Wes and they thought it was cool. Now every time I open it up, Lizzie says "Dada, Dada, Dada" thinking she'll see Wes.

I learned that even though you have more help, you are still running crazy after 2 little girls. We also had the dog with us so I was trying to keep track of her. I lost her twice. Fortunately, she is a good dog and stays close to the house.

Grandma and Papa came back with us to babysit while Wes and I went to a wedding. On the way back, Gracie told us that "Nydney at work" and "Am at Work". Those are her names for Sydney and Sam.

Well, now it's time to start week two of being at home. We have a couple of play groups this week and dinner with friends. I'm a little worried but I think I can handle it!

Here's a fun picture of Papa taking the kids for a ride on his tractor. Apparently this is an Oklahoma tradition!