Friday, December 20, 2013

December Fun

Wow! It's been a busy month! The month started off with an ice storm. We were iced in for about four days. Also, we had a couple of Christmas activities with church and the girls school.
Lots of ice!

So cold!

Riding the Polar Express with school

Trying new food.

Listening to the story of Jesus' birth
We've had a great month so far! Just getting ready for Christmas Day!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Family Pictures Fall 2013

We had our family pictures taken again by our favorite photographer, Allison Lezon. The pictures turned out fantastic!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

This Halloween Nana made the girls costumes. Lizzie was a cowgirl and Gracie was a fairy. The girls really loved picking out their fabric. We had tons of activities to this year to dress up. I'm glad they had sturdy costumes! First they worn them to our church's Halloween HullabaBOO, next they wore them to school and finally Halloween night. On Halloween, the dads at the school wore capes helped with drop off. The kids loved it.

Like every year, we went trick-or-treating with the Shers and Halsteads. It was a blast!

Fairy and Cowgirl off to the church festival


The girls made Wes take pictures of their face painting before washing it off

It's funny they picked the same thing!

Super Wes!

Character parade at school

Holding her book

They each won a chance to paint the principal and assistant principal

Crazy girls ready to trick-or-treat

More crazy girls
Halloween is one of the girls favorite holidays! It was a great one for them!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

October is a fun month for us. Lizzie and Gracie love Halloween and pumpkins. There is a small but sweet pumpkin patch close to the house that the girls love. Each year, we visit this pumpkin patch several times. After Halloween, Lizzie asks when the patch will be open again and talks about it all year.

Lizzie loves pumpkins

Gracie picking out pumpkins

Yay, Pumpkins!

We take this picture every year.

A little yoga in the pumpkin patch

Walking in the pumpkin

Sitting on pumpkins

Loving the pumpkin patch
Fall is a fun time around our house. Wes has already made his pumpkin muffins. All we need now is a pumpkin pie!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things I Love......

As I heard Wes giving the girls a bath today, I heard the girls giggling a ton. They were teasing their daddy and thought it was hilarious. That got me thinking about the things I love about our two girls.

I love:
  • Their laughs. I love that they tell silly jokes and that they think are funny
  • Their independence - the way they can walk into a situation and be OK
  • Their charm and sweetness - they make friends wherever they go
  • The way they will apologize and act sweet as soon as they know they pushed us too far
  • That they will tell me I look pretty
  • Their hugs and kisses
  • Our walks home from school where we talk about their day
  • That they will still cuddle with me
  • Their toughness - they don't cry anymore when they get shots
  • That a band-aid will instantly make them feel better
  • The way that they take care of each other
  • That they say please and thank you without prompting from Wes or I
There are many more reasons,and these are just a few. I am thankful for these two little girls and say a prayer for them everyday as they go to school. They do have faults and test us on a regular basis but we do love them.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Grandparent's Day

This past Friday, the girls were lucky to have Grandma, Papa and Nana come to school for Grandparent's Day. Also, they celebrated World Peace Day and placed pinwheels in the ground in a giant peace sign. The girls loved it! It was a very special day for them. After school, we had to look at it again.

Nana, Grandma, Papa and the girls

Sweet Lizzie

Sweet Gracie

Gracie in the peace sign

Lizzie looking at all the pinwheels

Nana, Papa and the girls
Saturday was a full day of hanging out with Grandma, Papa and Nana. Grandma and Papa stayed until Sunday and we had fun! I think they were exhausted when they left.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Fun 2013!

For Labor Day, we along with Nana headed to Oklahoma to spend the weekend. We had fun with family, went shopping and just hung out.
The girls playing dice with Grandpa Potter and Nana

The girls with Grandma and Grandpa Potter

The girls with Great-grandma Susie

Wearing our OSU gear with baby Dawson

Wes grilling out

The family
What a fun time and it was nice to see all our family! The only bad thing was having to replace a flat tire. Wes and Nana hung out at the tire shop while it was getting fixed. Not fun for them.

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was the first day of kindergarten for the girls. We have been talking about it all summer and have been so excited to start. Last week at meet the teacher, the girls were able to walk all around the school to learn where everything is. It was really nice for them to see their classrooms and walk the halls. Their classes are diagonal from each other and only a few steps away. As we were walking home, I was telling the girls how proud I was of how they walked into each of the class rooms. Gracie's response, "Of course mom, we are ready for kindergarten". Such a sassy girl.

This morning, after eating breakfast and getting dressed, we walk to school. I told the girls I would miss them today. Both girls told me they might miss me, but they would be too busy having fun. When we arrived at the school, we took them straight to their classroom. It was nice to be able to take them in and to know what the process would be. I only choked up a couple of times. We dropped off Lizzie first and then Gracie.  Both girls were really confident and ready to go. Neither girl seemed to need us to linger any longer than necessary.

Daddy and the girls

Momma and the girls

They wanted to show off their backpacks

In front of Lizzie's room

Lizzie putting her backpack in the cubby

Sister hugs before leaving Lizzie in her room

Gracie's seat.
After taking them to school, Wes and I went for breakfast then work. I left work and headed home to park the car and walk to school. It's about a seven minute walk. I arrived right on time to pick them up. The girls were so chatty about their first day of school and how much fun it was! They made friends (neither girl could remember the friends' names). They saw each other on the play ground but played with other kids. They navigated the lunch line and ate something (not sure how much). Everything was positive.The good news is that they are ready to go back tomorrow!