Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Madest I Have Ever Been......For Now

Today, I was really angry with the girls. We went to church for my women's group. The girls stayed in the nursery and while I was in my group. I picked the girls up, Gracie beg for her sucker and they took forever to put on their coats.

We walked out of the nursery area and I stopped to talk to some of the women. The girls ran off to pay in the drinking fountain. I talked for a bit and then went to get them. They stalled to leave (a good tactic they have been perfecting) and of course I was begging them to leave. Finally, I picked up Gracie and Lizzie soon followed.

We finally get out of the church and are walking to the car. I have them both by the hand and finally get to the car. I put Gracie in and Lizzie starts going around the car and onto the curb. She starts running to the busy street. So, I'm dragging Gracie and my purse. Then I see a big SUV that wants to park. I panic drop Gracie in the dirt and finally catch Lizzie. At this point my adrenaline and embarrassment are flowing.

I drag both girls back to the car, give Lizzie and Gracie a stern talking to and deny them their sucker. I call Wes and tell him that he needs to come home for lunch because I am so angry. I lecture them the whole way home while Gracie is crying because she wants her sucker. Finally, she gets that the sucker is a no go.

When we get home, the girls act as good as they can. They know that mommy is very upset. Lizzie at lunch was trying to do all her cute faces to make mommy happy (ironically the face she was giving me was the mean face).

On another note, the girls are perfecting their silly faces. Lizzie has the mean face and Gracie has the surprise face.

The "Mean Face"

The "Surprise Face"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Playing and Changes

This weekend was crazy busy for us. On Friday, I started an in-depth yoga training. That lasted Friday night and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I have committed to a regular practice and about 1 weekend a month of training. It will last for about 9 months. I have done yoga for many years and have wanted to do this for a long time. I was nervous the first night because I haven't had a regular practice since I was put on no exercise while I was pregnant with the girls (almost 3 years ago). This is also the first thing that I have done for myself since they were born.

I really enjoyed the class but wrestled with the "mommy guilt" of leaving the girls. Wes is really supportive of this and has been really sweet. He told me not to look at it as leaving them but as giving him time with them.

Anyway, on to the rest of the weekend. On Saturday morning, we met up with our twin club to have our Annual Snowflake Festival at Paradise Pond in Grapevine. Amy and I planned it as the children's social chairs. We had around 15 families show up with twins, triplets and siblings. It was great. The girls played pretty independently and even bounced in the bounce house! Then we grabbed lunch, I changed and ran out of the house.

On Sunday, we went to church and then ran home for me to eat and change. By Sunday night, I was exhausted!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Picture, Momma, Picture

Lizzie demands I take pictures of her and Gracie. She says, "Picture,
Momma, picture" and then they pose and say cheese.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Night night

The girls decided to play night night. Gracie pulled the sheets off
their beds and brought them to the living room. After they were all
settled, Lizzie demanded to have their picture taken.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do we shop too much?

The other night, Wes and I went grocery shopping with the girls. When both of us go shopping, we put the girls in separate carts and push each around. The girls really love this because they get to see new sights and get one-on-one time with us. Anyway, I was pushing Lizzie and she was cracking me up. She kept pointing at different things and telling me to "buy it momma".

She has figured out what she likes. Both girls have figured out that it doesn't belong to them until we pay for it. They will pick up something and say "buy it".

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tales from the Potty

Tonight during dinner, Gracie told Wes that she wanted to go potty (I was at church at a meeting). She sat down on her potty for a little bit and tried. After awhile, she told Wes that her poo poo was broken and got up.