Saturday, August 27, 2011

Will That Be For Here Or To Go

We went to the mall earlier this week to play. After playing we went
to the food court for lunch. While we were waiting to get our order
taken, the girls climbed into the tray spot and sat down. I snapped
this with my phone.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Put on Your Big Girl Pants

Lizzie put on her big girl underwear this week. I decided I was really going to start working hard to get Lizzie to use the potty. Last Sunday, we had a big talk with her about how she was starting big girl Sunday School and big girls don't wear pull ups. So, Monday morning we started wearing underwear.

Monday and Tuesday had me rethinking this whole thing, but by Wednesday she got the hang of it! Something clicked (like it always does with her). On Friday, we went to the mall to play and she went in the potty there! We are so proud of both the girls and I am so relieved.

To get ready for potty training and big girl Sunday School, I went to the Dollar Store. I wanted to get stuff to put in a bag to play with during church. For fun, I found foam fairy wands that could be decorated. Lizzie is intently decorating hers.

Apparently, fairy wands can also double as swords as some of you saw on Facebook. Gracie is decorating her weapon, I mean wand.

As I mentioned before, this was "promotion Sunday" at church. Which means, the three year olds move from the nursery to Sunday School and big church. They also blessed the kids backpacks for the start of school. As you can see, Gracie did not want her picture taken.

Lizzie was all ready to have her picture taken. We had donuts for breakfast and then headed to church. She got a little nervous going in saying she wanted to go to the nursery not big girl Sunday School. Once we got in the classroom and one of their favorite VBS teacher showed up, they were done with us!

When I say they went to big church, it was really only for about 10 minutes. They stay for a little bit then after children's time they go to Wee Worship. They both got upset, not because they were leaving their parents, but because they were leaving Sarah. She's the sweet big girl in this pic with her cute little brother Kyle. They are the girls "Big Sister" and "Big Brother" at church. The girls love Sarah and Kyle a lot and we are so thankful for them (and their wonderful parents).

So today went well, no accidents at church and a momma that got a little emotional because her little babies are growing up!
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Closing My Etsy Shop

I have decided to close my Etsy store. I still like to craft and make stuff, but the store was not successful because I didn't promote like I should. All that to say, I have all the inventory for the shop in my house and I want to get rid of it. If you want anything, just make me an offer.

Below is a link to the jewelry album, there are two pictures for everything. Just one item of each.

Just leave a comment with what you want!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Road Trip to Great-Grandma's

On Saturday, we made a quick trip to Oklahoma for the day to see my grandma. We got there right before lunch and we ate at our favorite Italian restaurant. It is really yummy and the girls ate so good. We then went back to grandma's and the girls played while we talked. My grandma really loved seeing the girls and they were really great with her. Gracie had lots of things to tell her.

The most expensive toy, the massage/chair lift. All the great-grandchildren love to play in this chair. They will get in it and push the buttons to go up and down.

Lizzie sitting and looking cute. Grandma has an ottoman that the lid lifts off of and the girls loved to put stuff in it.

The girls with great-grandma.

No trip to great-grandma's is complete with out a ride in the walker. Lizzie liked to push and Gracie likes to ride.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Museum of Nature and Science

Because its been so hot and we haven't really got to take the girls anywhere, we decided to go to the Museum of Nature and Science. The girls loved it. I told them we were going to see dinosaurs and they were thrilled! It was so fun to see them run from one display to another and loving it! The pure joy these girls have can't help but make you smile.

Wes or I would try to show them something and they would run off in another direction. It reminded me of going to science museums with my parents when I was a kid. Being the kid of a scientist, you get to see LOTS of science museums.

My sweet girls hugging.

"Digging" for dinosaurs

Lizzie going down the slide from the fire truck.

Gracie on the slide

Lizzie riding the "tractor"

Gracie riding the "tractor"

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Potty Training Update

Well, we have been having some success with potty training. This past weekend, we started a sticker chart and it going well. We've actually got Lizzie to poop and pee in the potty. She is better at pooping in the potty than peeing. So right now, I've got one that will poop in the potty but not pee and another one that will pee in the potty but not poop.