Wednesday, June 12, 2013

5th Birthday!

Yesterday was the girls fifth birthday. I can't believe how far we have come from the day they were born. Wes and I should have known what was ahead for us. From the first day, the girls were fighters and strong. They didn't let anything prevent them from growing. We had ups and downs in the NICU but faith that everything would work out.

Today, these two little girls are sweet and loving. They fall down and will get right back up again. We love them very much and hope that we are raising in the best way. Parenting is hard, but we make it through. Constantly, people are telling us how tall the girls are. Wes and I are amazed when we hear that. Who would have expected these tiny babies to get so big?

Their actual birthday started out with donuts. Wes picked up donuts and brought them home for breakfast. The day was full of fun things for the girls. They got to go to Chuck E Cheese and Build A Bear. It was so fun!

Here are some pictures from their birthday.
New bikes from Grandma and Papa

Gracie having fun!

Lizzie getting her picture made

Now waiting patiently for the picture to print


Love it!

Build A Bear!

Cleaning them up!

Creating the birth certificates
Wes and I are thankful everyday for these two little girls. I still think of them as my miracle babies. They are beautiful and full of spirit. Each with their own personality.They love each other and encourage each other.

They challenge us daily, but make Wes and I want to be better. They are really a mirror of our behavior both good and bad. Hopefully, more good than bad but the bad really stands out. That's when I know when I need to change and become better. Each day brings new joys. Love these little blessings.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake Yoga Party!

This past Sunday, we celebrated the girls 5th birthday with a yoga birthday party. My friend, Cheryl Walker, does kids yoga parties and it was so fun! The party was hosted at Rescue Yoga All the kids had a blast! As always, Allison took pictures for us. I made floral crowns for all the girls and had hard hats (that's the best I could come up with) for the boys.

Here are just some of the awesome pictures she took.
Gracie with Reese and Riley



Having a blast

Nana and Lizzie

Nana and Lizzie

Ready to start


Thumbs Up!


Blow out the candles!

Sweet girls

More cake

Sydney and Kassidy

How many are you?


Our family
 I can't believe my babies are 5! It was a fantastic party! Cheryl is awesome with children. We had 19 kids including the girls and she did great!