Monday, September 24, 2012

Visit with Alabama Family

This past weekend, we made the long trek to Alabama to visit Wes' side of the family. It's takes about 12 hours with limited stops but with two kids, it takes longer. We had a short but good visit. We packed a lot of fun in a very short time!

In the car on our way there
Ready to see Nana and the family
We left our house early (6:00 am) on Friday and arrived around 9:00 pm. When we got there, we reviewed what everyone was going to wear for picture day on Saturday. Saturday morning, we got up, ate breakfast and picked up some last minute stuff for the pictures. That afternoon, we met a photographer with 17 members of Wes' extended family. Because we were in Alabama, we couldn't use our favorite photographer, LiaLezon and had to go with someone else. We spent about an hour taking pictures and playing in the park. After the pictures, some of us went to get ice cream. Saturday late afternoon into the evening, we played with the dogs, ate yummy food, visited with family and watched football.
Playing in the park after pictures
Wes and the girls
Sunday, we got up and had breakfast out. In the afternoon, we went to a pumpkin patch in Tennessee with Nana and Wes' cousin Brande. The kids all had a blast. We had four kids total with us; Lizzie, Gracie, Huck and Kinsleah. By the time we were done, I had hay in my hair and Lizzie was filthly. We fed animals, watched pigs race, road a "train", walked a corn maze, bounced and went down slides.
Getting ready to go in to the pumpkin patch
Riding the "horses"

Lizzie's horse kept falling over

Kinsleah, Brande, Huck, Lizzie and Gracie

Waiting for the pig races

All aboard! Riding the train

I can't believe he can still carry both of them.

The Big Chair

Brande and Huck

Reading the clues to the corn maze

All weekend, we talked about the cotton field across the street from Wes' grandparents house. On Sunday, we took the girls picture in it. They were so excited!
Cotton Field!
Sassy pose

Wes and the girls
Wes and I
Nana and the girls
Energetic Gracie
Sweet Lizzie
 On Monday, we ate breakfast with Nana and Wes' grandparents. After breakfast, it was time to pack up and head out. We had a really good time. The girls loved playing with all the cousins and seeing their great-grandparents. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sydney's Birthday!

This past weekend, we went to Oklahoma to celebrate Sydney's 11th birthday. I can't believe she is that old! Anyway, it was a busy weekend. We found out Thursday that Sydney was going to be in a parade. This was exciting to the girls for two reasons: first they were going to a parade and two Sydney was in the parade. They thought she was awesome.

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and then went to watch Sydney in the parade. All the girls could talk about was the parade and Sydney. We met my sister there and took my grandma with us. My brother-in-law got us all some cinnamon rolls from the church that was making them. They were yummy. It was a fun parade and the girls loved chasing the candy.

Waiting for Sydney with Sammy

Sydney with the banner

After the parade and lunch, we headed to the skating rink for the party. This is the second time the girls went skating and they loved it. Wes loves to skate too and enjoyed showing the girls how. Little known fact about Wes; he is an awesome skater. He started ice skating when he was 5 and played hockey through college. To improve his form, his coach made him take figure skating lessons (yes, just like the dorky movie Cutting Edge). He is really graceful on ice. Sydney had a really fun party and all the kids had a blast! 

Lizzie with her walker

Gracie with her walker

Wes with the girls


The birthday girl - Sydney

After the party, we went back to my mom's house for naps and then over to my sister's for pizza. My cousins Chris and Angie came over with Kassidy and baby Dawson. He is such a happy baby. We had a fun evening! Kassidy is sweet and gave the girls some of her old dance costumes. Both girls loved the dresses and Lizzie couldn't wait to put it on! She loved twirling in it.

Today, we had lunch with everyone again. It was a nice time with family. We remembered to get a pictures of all the kids together!

Baby Dawson with Wes

Kassidy and Gracie

Sydney, Crazy Sammy and Lizzie

All the big kids. Love this one of Sammy.

All the kiddos. Love them all. Such good kids.
I can't believe my baby niece is 11. She is acting so grown up. All these kids are getting so big! I can't believe it. We had a really good time celebrating with the family.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of 4 Year Old Preschool

Today was the girls first day of preschool in the 4s class. They are in separate rooms this year and did great! They were both very excited about starting today. Wes went in late this morning so he could go with me to drop them off. While they were in school, I walked down to my office and worked.

Around lunch time, Gracie's teacher found me in the hall and told me the girls were doing fine. A little later, I saw Gracie walk by and she waved at me.

After school, we picked up the girls and took them in McDonald's for ice cream. It was nice. After McDonald's the girls were so tired, I told them to rest in their room. They both fell asleep in no time flat. It was a big day for them!

Really excited!

With our backpacks

Lizzie with her name

Gracie with her name. Her hair is covering it up

Gracie in her room

Lizzie in her room

Sundae's after school

My mom use to take my sister and I to McDonald's after school when I was a kid. It was nice to continue a tradition.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend 2012

We had a great holiday weekend. We decided to stay around the house and just hang out. It ended up being fun and busy.

First up, was a birthday part for our besties, Reese and Riley. We had so much fun and got to see some of my other twin momma friends. We had so much fun it!

That evening, we made a trip to the hardware store to get branch trimmers. Our live oak tree's limbs were hanging over the sidewalk full of acorns. Everyone who walked by our house had to duck to avoid getting hit in the head. The girls liked watching Wes trim the branches and then helped by moving the branches to a pile.

Watching Daddy
He is fun to watch

Wes in action
 Sunday, we went to church. The girls wanted to wear their cowboy boots and new head bands. I got creative on Friday and made them some headbands. They were very excited to wear them (they wore some on Saturday too).
Sweet sissies sharing a banana
 After church and nap, we went to see a FC Dallas soccer game with our class from church. We had a great time! Soccer is a bit lost on me but Wes loves it. Gracie loved watching and clapped and cheered when other people did (even though she didn't know what she was cheering about). Lizzie, on the other hand, loved playing with her friends. We ate a ton of junk food - hot dogs, cotton candy, pretzels and pop corn.
We took up almost two rows!

Cheeks full of popcorn

Watching the game
 On Monday, we got a text from some of our church friends to meet up at a splash park. We met the Blackwells with sweet Chandler and baby Alysse. The big kids all had fun playing in the water. After the park, we went to lunch. It was a really fun morning.

The girls and Chandler

Chandler and Lizzie
After lunch, we went to the mall for a new outfit for the first day of school tomorrow. We made a record trip into and out of the mall. We usually don't get the rented firetruck stroller but I was considering it. As we were walking in, a family was walking out and asked it we wanted theirs. Of course, we said yes! It was great. The girls loved riding in it. 

For dinner, Wes and the girls went and picked up a pizza. After pizza was bath time and then heading to bed. Wes read a couple of stories, we all said prayers and then lights out.

Daddy reading to the sweeties
Tomorrow is a big day for the girls. Its the first day of school. We start our new year of preschool.