Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Potter and Her Clay

I got the craft bug again. I started playing with my clay and came up with these necklaces.

The first day I played with hearts.

The next day, I free handed it. I saw a necklace similar to these but put my own spin on it. I really liked how these turned out. I think they look really sweet. Wes was impressed when I showed him.

It really helps when my kids decide to actually sleep. That means I can get some crafting done.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

On Our Way to Church

The girls looked really cute this morning for church. They had pig tails and boots. What could be better!

My sweeties and I

Wes and the girls

Lizzie Jane

Grace Kathleen
The girls wanted to squat for their pictures.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lunch Out

Yesterday, the girls and I had lunch with my friend and yoga teacher Shanon. The lunch started off normal. We ordered our food and drinks. The food came and we all ate and talked.

The girls did pretty good. Then they finished their food. So to entertain themselves, the crunched up all the chips left in the bowl. Broken chips were all over the table and floor. After the girls were done with that, they started to get whiny so I decided to let them out of the high chairs.

In the mean time, the restaurant started filling up and a couple of women dressed in business attire sat down next to us. We were pretty close together. Anyway, I could feel the women staring at us. Usually, we get the covert smiles and looks that the girls are cute. This was not the looks we were getting from these two.

Anyway, I let the girls out of the high chairs and put them on the booth next to us. The girls played there for a bit and then started crawling under the table and running around the table. Not too bad, but they weren't sitting quietly anymore. I gave the girls a wipe to wash their face and hands and my girls being the cleaners started wiping off the high chair and floor. The waiter came by and thought it was funny. However, the two women sitting next to me did not. They especially didn't like it when Lizzie decided to be nice and clean their table too (with the same wipe that was on the floor). She then left the wipe on their table. One of the women made a comment (a not polite one either). I grabbed the wipe and tried to ignore the looks.

Finally, we got up to leave and I noticed that the table next to us was empty. Then I noticed that the two women had gotten up and MOVED to another table farther away. Anyway, I decided I was glad that Lizzie put that gross wipe on their table.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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They look sweet, don't they?

For the last two days, these little cuties have tried everything they can get away with. Yesterday started off normal enough, we got up, we had breakfast and we got dressed. I had planned on going shopping to pick up a few things. So, I was getting everything ready to go and the girls were eerily quite and I should have known. They dumped an entire bottle of bubbles on their play kitchen and the floor. So, I had to clean it up before we left.

Our first stop was the Dollar Tree (because we are that fancy), it went ok. Gracie only grabbed a couple of things off the shelves. We then headed over to Target. This is were it got crazy. I found a double cart, but one of the buckles on the bottom was broken so I put Lizzie in the basket. With in the first few isles, Lizzie had kicked Gracie in the face. So Gracie started crying. I got her settled down so we moved a little further. I looked away at something and then back, Gracie had taken OFF her shirt. She was completely topless. A few isle later, Lizzie decided to try it herself. Fortunately, I caught her in the nick of time. We move to the clothes section, this is were Gracie got kicked in the face again and then TOOK OFF Lizzie's shoes and tried to throw them out of the cart. We finally get everything we need and head out the door.

So they may look cute, but sometimes they can be stinks......

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sleepy Time and a Big Girl

For the last three weeks my good little nappers and sleepers have turned naughty. They use to stay in their own bed but now they want to sleep together in one of the beds. I don't mind that they want to be together, I mind that they don't sleep. They usually pile all their friends (stuffed animals) in one of the beds. I have removed all the toys out of the room because one day I went in and they had flower headbands on and were playing with the toys. I tried not to laugh but it was funny. They have been some sleepy girls lately.

On an unrelated note, Gracie has decided that she is now a big girl because she can poop and pee on the potty. This means that she can now do everything adults do, like climb on her play kitchen to turn on the light and fan (which sucked up some balloons that Wes had to use a ladder to get down), serve herself at dinner (she stands up in her chair and reaches across with her fork into a hot pot) and gets herself water from the fridge (then pours the water on the floor). She tells us that she is not a baby and is now a big girl.

These girls are constantly changing on us. We never know what is coming next.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow! Snow!

Last night through this morning it snowed, we received about 6 inches. This is after the 3 days of being iced in. Finally, it was slightly warm enough to go outside. The girls love it! They liked picking up the snow, making snow balls and throwing them at daddy!

Lizzie in the snow


Gracie trying to make a snowball

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Potty Time!

It's been the cloud hanging over our heads for a while. Potty training two kids at the same time. We decided that this week we would tackle it. Since this weekend, we switched to training pants and asking if the girls want to sit on the potty.

Gracie has really taken to it and has even wore big girl panties for the last two days while we were snowed it. Lizzie is still happy going in the pull up and only sits on the potty when she feels like it.

Last night Gracie had a success in the potty and we were all congratulating her and Lizzie said "Yea, Gracie". She was jumping up and down and clapping. These girls are always happy for each other and their successes. I just would like Lizzie to actually go in the potty.