Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Time

The girls are starting to do all kinds of silly and amazing things for us. They understand almost everything and have memories like elephants. Last night, we had a great family night. The weather was great, so we took the girls outside after dinner to play. The played on their slide and picked the million dandelions in our yard. The girls love to watch the petals blow in the wind. Gracie has it figured out how to blow on it to get them to move. Lizzie on the other hand is funny. She holds it out really far and then blows.

Lizzie is my flower girl. She has been really excited by our crab apple tree. It's in full bloom right now (which I hate because that means tons of stinky crab apples on the ground that we have to pick up). She loves to look at it and pick the blooms off for herself and Gracie. Gracie usually could care less. Last night, she wanted to take in her yellow dandelion to show her daddy it was so cute. She picked it and said Dada and then went to the door.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Because this week is Spring Break for my sister and her kids, they decided to spend the weekend with us. Grandma and Papa came earlier because she wanted "alone time" with the girls. The girls love their aunt, uncle and cousins. Sydney and Sam keep them busy and entertained. We had a really busy weekend.

On Saturday, we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards. The kids did the maze, bought cowboy hats, watched the cattle and went to a petting zoo. It was fun! For dinner , we had really yummy greek food.

Today, we just hung out. Gracie and Sammy weren't feeling good so we order lunch in. Everyone left early this afternoon so I took a nap.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recent events

I'm still crafting and trying to perfect my technique. I've tried some different ways to make rosettes and think I have settled on two ways.

Also, our social calendar has been full this week. Wes worked late a few days this week and we went to his first office party. It was in the evening so we had to find someone to watch the girls. My parents couldn't come up so we had the girls teacher sit with them. At first, the girls couldn't figure out why she was here but then it was all fine. They didn't even cry when we left.

This weekend, we went out each evening with friends and got our hair cut. All of us! It was the first haircut for the girls. It was only a trim on their scraggly bangs but hair was cut! The girls did really well. They really like Cristi who cuts our hair.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Next step

Ok, so I'm still on this crafty kick. I'm always searching all the craft blogs to find out new things to make. Here is my latest. I bought a tank top at Target and sewed rosettes on it. I'm pretty pleased with it. See for yourself.