Friday, February 26, 2010

Ta da!

Well here they are, my first attempts at the fabric rosette headbands. The only thing I could find to display them on was one of the girls' stuffed animals. The rosettes were easy. Wrapping the headbands took some time. The carpal tunnel that I acquired because of the girls and working on a computer all day did not agree with this activity. I'm rethinking wrapping the headbands.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Latest Craftiness

I've been inspired by my friend Karla of Soap Addict to expand my crafting. She started making soap full time. Soon, Karla and I are going to do a craft show together and I need to get stuff ready. I've beaded for years and made stuff for myself, gifts and sold a few things.

I expanded into hair bows and have made a few for the girls (which they won't keep in their hair) and some for friends. Now, I've decided to move into making rosettes out of fabric. I made a necklace last night and tonight I made some clips for friends' kids. I'm going to try my hand at headbands soon. I just started so everything is practice at the moment.

Below are some pictures of my first attempts.

Rosette hair clips

Rosette bib necklace and hair clip

Fun picture of Gracie before church on a rainy Sunday

Lizzie before church on the same rainy Sunday

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't catch a break....

But we can sure catch whatever virus is going around. After Grace being diagnosed with pneumonia a week ago today, we took Lizzie this past Friday to the doctor and she has a sinus infection.

After nap time today, Gracie woke up with the nasty stomach bug. That means all of us have had it! Hopefully, there will be one week where all of us are well.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our Night Out

Today was a big day for us. This morning, we went to our MPOM snowflake festival. Its at a place called Paradise Pond in Grapevine. The First Baptist church has taken some of their space and made a big playroom for kids. The girls had a blast. They went right to sleep when we got home and slept.

After nap time, it was time for Wes and I to get ready for our night out. Tonight was the first time that we actually paid a babysitter to watch the girls while we went out. We went with some friends from church for a dinner out. We had a great time with no kids and adult conversation. We even talked about when we could meet up again!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For the second week in a row (or third week I've lost track), we have sick people in the family. Last week, Wes and I both got sick and had to take a day off work. This week, Gracie has come down with pneumonia and a double ear infection. Fortunately, I think we caught it in time and started her on antibiotics and breathing treatments. She started feeling better the next day.

Wes is out of town again with his new job, but fortunately Grandma and Papa to the rescue. They are staying with me until Friday when he gets back. They are the awesome. The girls are going to be so spoiled. This week it's Grandma and Papa and next week is Nana. I don't know what we are going to do with them!

The other exciting news at our house (at least to me) is that we have a lady coming to clean our house tomorrow! I can't wait. This is the other perk to Wes having a job!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Days

Well, again we are caught in record breaking snow. This time, it was only 12 inches. The girls did much better this time than Christmas. Gracie loved touching the snow and trying to make snowballs. I think the footwear made all the difference. We bought them rain boots to wear so their feet wouldn't get wet. They will be perfect in the spring to have the girls wear to get in and out of daycare.

Because they are my children, they love shoes. That is something that I take after my grandma. She and I love shoes and love to shoe shop together. At 85 she is still loves to shop, it just is now at a slower pace. Any way, back to my children and their love affair with shoes. The girls always notice when we get them a new pair and are really excited. When it's time to put shoes on, they stop whatever they are doing and back up to sit on my lap to put them on.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Update on the girls

I thought I would dedicate this entry to how the girls are growing. They amaze us every day. It's so fun to watch them together and separate. They are constantly doing funny and amazing things.

Item number one: Clothing and accessories. The girls love clothes and shoes in different ways. They both love wearing shoes! When we put shoes on Gracie, she tap dances all over the house. She tap dances out the door. Lizzie loves textures. She is constantly loving on towels, socks, anything she can get. The girls love their purses. Both girls will put stuff in the purses and then carry them around. They also love mommy's purse. Tonight while Wes was at a Stars game, I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and the girls were quite. It turns out they found mom's purse and were pulling everything out!

Item number two: Eating. We have started using plates and spoons at meal time. It's a challenge to make sure that the plates stay on the table and not in the girls laps or heads! They are getting better every day.

Item number three: Talking and actions. The girls are saying more and more every day. They say banana, momma, dadda, Molly, dog, cat, book, bye-bye, hi, uh-oh, stop, no (and shake their heads), stop, milk, etc. Both girls are taking turns testing mom and dad. First it was Gracie, when we told her no she would do it anyway. Lizzie would get on to her too. Now it's Lizzie. At least they have the courtesy to not do it at the same time.

The girls love kissing. They love to blow kisses. When I pick them up from daycare, they blow kisses to their teachers. They love to kiss mom, dad and sister. Tonight, Gracie was kissing Lizzie and making Lizzie laugh hysterically.

Item number four: Making sister laugh. Each girl loves to make her sister laugh. They will "talk" to each other and laugh. They will bring each other toys or milk when the other is crying. Sometimes, they will cry only because sister is crying. They have such a unique bond that always bring tears to my eyes. Something that always makes me think of my sister and miss her because she is far away.

They are our little miracles and we love them dearly!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Life is changing.....

We are starting week three of Wes going back to work. So far the girls have spent about 4 days of the 11 actually at school. The first week Grandma and Papa came for a couple of days and stayed with the girls and then last week we had 2 sick days and a day off.

However, the girls are adjusting nicely. Wes was able to drop them off without crying (the girls I mean) and we were able to pick up two happy girls. The only issue we have is the girls are not sleeping at school as long as they probably need to. On the weekends they will take 3 hour naps and at school they take an hour. Hopefully, they will start napping better.