Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lizzie is close to sitting up!

If we support Lizzie, she will sit up for a little bit. She really likes this toy so that helps. We tried yesterday to get video, but she fell over and almost hurt herself (dad wasn't as cautious as he should be). The other exciting thing is that Leo (kitty) came and sat by us yesterday and let Lizzie pull his fur. I think he was so excited that someone was paying attention to him he did care how or who it was!

Messy eater

Gracie loves to eat her yogurt. She is usually very messy, but this time papa fed her and she got it everywhere!

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy weekend

Well, we thought this weekend would be like any other. Trying to keep up with two girls and do as much house work as possible. Lately, our house looks like a tornado hit the inside. On Friday, I got a call from my mom saying she and my dad were on their way. We haven't seen grandma and papa since Christmas.

On Saturday, they baby sat while Wes and I went to a movie. We noticed a lot of people there and the entrance was blocked off. Wes dropped me off to get tickets while he parked. Out of the theater walks the Jonas Brothers. I knew who it was by my hours of watching day time talk shows :).

Then on our way home, Wes got a call from his grandparents that they were passing through and wanted to see us today! So the girls got to see their grandparents and great grandparents! What a great weekend for them.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This weekend we took some videos of the girls. Wes decided to see if Gracie could hold herself up and Lizzie was rolling all over the place. She even rolled off the mat (we rolled up our rug and put down foam floor blocks)! Of course when I pulled the camera out, she stopped!

The other update is Lizzie now has an ear infection and Gracie has terrible diaper rash. Another doctor's visit. Thankfully we have insurance!

We also took the girls for a walk around the block in their new Combi Side by side stroller. It is so much lighter than the other tank! Yeah! Molly loved the walk too!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

We thought we could get away with it.....

Well, yesterday was a busy day. We took the girls to their therapy session to find out how they were progressing developmentally. For each area, (physical, occupational, and speech) the girls rated about normal for their adjusted age. They gave us some exercises and activities that we can do to help the girls. It was a good session.

Next, we took the girls to the NICU to see the nurses that took care of them. I love going there because they always say our girls look so big. It's the only place we can go that we hear that. After that, we went to the Grapevine botanical gardens and walked around. It was such a beautiful day.

We then came home and fed the girls. Gracie has been having diarrhea lately because of the meds for her ear infection. Because of that, she has been getting a diaper rash that's started looking yucky. Anyway, I thought it was looking really bad and didn't want it to get worse. When she came home from the NICU she had a really bad one. So, we had to go see Dr. Jim. We thought we could go a week without going to the doctor, but it never works that way.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Car Wash

We decided it was time for a car wash. I think the last one we got was when the girls came home from the hospital. That was when they were about a 1 1/2 months old and they are now almost 7 months! The girls were very intrigued by the car wash. They like watching the brushes and lights. I thought they might be a little scared, but they weren't not even by the loud blow dryer.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Parade

Today we took the girls to their first parade. We went downtown to the Cotton Bowl parade with the girls. They loved it. The watched everything and didn't sleep at all. We took them in their new side-by-side stroller. We had a blast. Their daddy wasn't so sure about going, but he even enjoyed himself.