Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Great Idea!

My friend Amy asked me to donate something for her sister Leah's auction going on right now! I donated a button necklace and a flower headband. There are tons of other items up for bid! What's so awesome about this auction is that it's to raise funds to adopt a baby! This is such a great idea and so creative. Please click on over to the site to see all the great stuff.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


We are home from our Thanksgiving with family in Oklahoma. We had a great time. We saw tons of family and ate tons of food. It was fabulous!

On Thursday, we had a low key day with lunch and naps (even me). We even got the traditional paper with Black Friday ads. We poured over them to decide where we were going to go. Thursday evening, we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Potter's to eat and visit some more. The girls love playing with their great grandparents.

On Friday, my sister, mom and brother-in-law were out of the house by 3:30 am to go to the mall. We waited in the cold for 30 minutes for the mall to open. We shopped there until 7:00 am and then picked up my niece and nephew. My kids were smart and were still asleep. We shopped with them more and then went home and napped. Then out again to buy cowboy boots for the girls. Then lunch and then out again! We really shopped!

On Saturday, we had lunch with my cousins. It was a great lunch and then on to watch the OSU vs OU game.

On Sunday, we traveled to see my grandma and have lunch. She lives out in the country and the girls loved playing with her kitty and doggie. They also loved playing outside with Sydney and Sam.

Of course, I forget to bring out the camera until the very last day and only get these pictures of the kids on the swing. I tried to take enough until I got the right one.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cough

Well, its that time of year for us to battle the cough for little Gracie. Last year, we discovered that she took after her daddy for respiratory issues. The doctor diagnosed it as Reactive Airway Disease which is similar to asthma. Last year, we had about 4 ER visits to help her through some attacks.

This year, we started seeing a pediatric pulminologist. He is a great doctor and has put her on some great medicine that seems to control her breathing. He also switched us to a puffer (inhaler). Which is great because that means no more 30 minute breathing treatments! Now she and Wes are on most of the same medicine!

Now, we just have this yucky sounding cough. She is breathing fine, she just gets the old lady hacker cough. It sounds terrible but she is still fine and running around! We have figured out the difference between the ok cough and the gotta do something quick cough.

The thing that I have learned the most from these little girls is that everything is trial and error. Nothing is a given and if it's not broke don't try and fix it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dinner Conversation

While we were eating our spaghetti dinner tonight, I thought we had a really funny conversation. Before dinner, I turned off the TV. I told the girls after dinner we would watch Sesame Street (one of their favorite shows along with Olivia and Wonder Pets). Spaghetti is one of their favorite meals. So after a couple of helpings, Gracie is ready to get down. Then the conversation goes like this.

G: Want down. Sesame Street
Me: You can get down but you have to wait for L to finish before we can watch
G: Hurry up L! (with arm gestures)
L: (Silently stuffing her face with spaghetti and the sauce is all over her face)
G: I go over to L. (she was on the other side of the table from L)
Me: OK
G: (with shocked expression) L FACE!
Me: It's dirty isn't it?
G: Yes, napkin please.
Me: Are you going to clean her up?
G: Yes. (She then proceeds to wipe L down with her napkin while G's face still has sauce on it.)
G: (When finished) All done-Sesame Street!
Me: L are you done.
L: (Still eating) No.
(L keeps eating and her face keeps getting dirty. G gets mad and keeps wiping L's face.)
L: All done!

At this point, we all head to the bathroom to wash up. Then we sit down and turn on Sesame Street. All is well in the Potter house.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


My new Etsy shop Monkeybee Designs. I've actually had it for a while but have let it sit for too long. I finally got updated pictures (thanks to LiaLezon Photography). Allison came out to the house and took pictures for me. She is so awesome.

As some of you may know, I've been beading for several years now and have sold stuff off and on for awhile. Most of what I do, I give as gifts. I make stuff but then don't wear a lot of it because I feel self conscious. Do people tell me it's nice because it is or because they know I made it. Now, other people can enjoy my work!

Some of the stuff on the site.

Beaded Jewelry

Custom Photo Necklaces

Glass Pendants

Come check out my shop, Monkeybee Designs!

Our Busy Weekend

Every weekend, I tell Wes that we are going to take it easy and then it becomes a whirl wind of activities. On Friday night, we went to the circus. It was the first time the girls have been and they really liked it. They stayed up late and weren't fussy at all. They really loved the animals. It was a bit chilly and there weren't many people there.

The girls are playing at McDonald's with their friend Lauren.

On Saturday, we got up really early to have our pictures taken Allison at Lia Lezon Photography. She took AWESOME pictures. Because it was chilly, the girls wore their hats and coats the whole time. I decided to make their hats cuter by making a flower on each. It turned out really well.

That night, we had a Sunday school pot luck dinner. It was really fun and the girls loved playing with all the kids!

Sunday, we went to church and then celebrated our friend Chandler's 3rd birthday at the Children's Museum. The girls had a blast playing. Here they are going down the slide in their own way. For people who ask me if the girls are starting to show different personalities, this is a good representation of how they are different. Lizzie goes down face first and Gracie doesn't.

Lizzie going down the slide

Gracie going down the slide
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