Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was the first day of kindergarten for the girls. We have been talking about it all summer and have been so excited to start. Last week at meet the teacher, the girls were able to walk all around the school to learn where everything is. It was really nice for them to see their classrooms and walk the halls. Their classes are diagonal from each other and only a few steps away. As we were walking home, I was telling the girls how proud I was of how they walked into each of the class rooms. Gracie's response, "Of course mom, we are ready for kindergarten". Such a sassy girl.

This morning, after eating breakfast and getting dressed, we walk to school. I told the girls I would miss them today. Both girls told me they might miss me, but they would be too busy having fun. When we arrived at the school, we took them straight to their classroom. It was nice to be able to take them in and to know what the process would be. I only choked up a couple of times. We dropped off Lizzie first and then Gracie.  Both girls were really confident and ready to go. Neither girl seemed to need us to linger any longer than necessary.

Daddy and the girls

Momma and the girls

They wanted to show off their backpacks

In front of Lizzie's room

Lizzie putting her backpack in the cubby

Sister hugs before leaving Lizzie in her room

Gracie's seat.
After taking them to school, Wes and I went for breakfast then work. I left work and headed home to park the car and walk to school. It's about a seven minute walk. I arrived right on time to pick them up. The girls were so chatty about their first day of school and how much fun it was! They made friends (neither girl could remember the friends' names). They saw each other on the play ground but played with other kids. They navigated the lunch line and ate something (not sure how much). Everything was positive.The good news is that they are ready to go back tomorrow!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Busy Week!

This past week has been very busy for the Potters, music and arts camp in the morning and swim lessons in the evening. The girls had a wonderful time at camp. On Thursday, was their program and they did an excellent job!

This weekend got even busier, with a hockey practice. Wes has really wanted the girls to play hockey for a long time, basically since birth. We started ice skating lessons last year and Lizzie started asking to play hockey. Wes found an all girls hockey league. On Saturday, the girls were fitted for gear and Sunday they had the practice. The girls loved it! They had two big girls each helping them. It was really fun to watch.
Wes putting gear on the girls

Proud Daddy with his girls

See the tiny girls with the big girls, that Lizzie and Gracie
What a fun week for the Potters! One more week and we will start kindergarten!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cousins' Visit

This past week, my niece and nephew came for a visit. We had a lot of fun! I had four kids and only one adult. Wes was in Brazil for work (again).

My parents brought Sydney and Sam to me with Lizzie and Gracie. The girls had spent a few days prior to that with my parents. By the time I got the kids, they were a bit tired. I wore them out even more.

The first full day that I had them by myself, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. The kids all loved it. It was the first time for Lizzie and Gracie. Sydney remembered going once before and Sam didn't remember. It is such an amazing place and a great way to see animals!

The crew - Gracie, Lizzie, Sydney and Sam

Amazed by the animals

Watching the otter swim
 The next day, we headed to Legoland. Sam was very excited to go. It was his thing! All the other kids liked it also.
Sam is excited to start!

The kiddos
 The last night they were here, we had movie night. The kids all snuggled on the sofa to watch 101 Dalmatians. I popped some popcorn for the kids. It was so sweet how they snuggled together.

Ready for a movie!
It was a fun few days. The kids all got along great! Every night, the big kids read to the little kids. It was so sweet. I'm so happy with how these kids all love each other and play so well. It is a blessing to watch them grow up together.