Monday, November 9, 2015

October 2015

October was a busy month! A lot happened during the month. Wes and I celebrated our 13th anniversary, we went to the state fair, and celebrated Halloween. In addition to all that, Grace and Lizzie lost more teeth. Lizzie celebrated the milestone of donating her hair. For the last year, Lizzie has been growing her hair to donate it. This month it was long enough to cut!
Daddy can still carry both girls

Celebrating our anniversary

Before cutting her hair

After the cut! Very cute!

Gracie didn't donate but she did get her hair cut.

We attended one of Wes' high school friend's wedding.

At the Texas State Fair

Crazy day at school

Hello Kitty and Black Cat at dance class

Decades Day at school

Halloween HullabaBoo

Caught a chicken!

Playing games

At the pumpkin patch

Our Jack-o-latern

It was a great month! It was busy but fun!