Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Vacation

Our Christmas vacation has been quite an adventure. We spent most of it in Oklahoma with my family. Christmas eve we spent getting the last of our presents and wrapping them up. We saw lots of family, except we didn't get to see my Grandma. She was sick and so we postponed our time with her.

Christmas morning, the girls opened presents and had a blast. They loved everything they got. The girls slept later than normal and everyone accused me of waking them up (I get really excited about Christmas morning). Later, cousin Sydney and Sam, with aunt Laura and uncle Paul, came over and gave them more presents. We then went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Potter. The girls had so much fun.

The girls opening presents with me.

The big sack of presents from Grandma and Papa.

The day after Christmas we spent with my cousins, Chris, Angie, Kassidy and Katlin. It was a great time! The girls loved playing and they even got cute little monkeys. Gracie was too excited at lunch and fell out of her chair and bumped her head. She was crying so hard she threw up all over me. That really cleared the kid table. It's a new Christmas tradition because last year, the day after Christmas she got sick all over me. I personally do not like this tradition and would like it to stop. She is better now, just a little bruised but still as active as ever.

Gracie with monkey and bruise. Lizzie with monkey

The next day Lizzie decides to catch some virus and had a fever. That lead to a trip to the urgent care because we thought it could be an ear infection. Fortunately, it was just a cold that we had to let run its course.

Wes and I did get a night out on the town. As part of our Christmas present, my cousin gave us a gift card for dinner. It was really nice to get out.

We did get to take the girls to look at Christmas lights. They were so cute, they would say "wow", "pretty lights" and "white lights". Lizzie talked the whole time and Gracie just looked.

Our last Christmas activity was over New Years. My dad's family has the tradition of meeting in a hotel, spending the night, eating dinner and playing dirty Santa. It is the family reunion that meets every year. My dad has 4 living siblings and all of them made it. Most of my cousins made it with their kids. All total it was around 35 people. It is always a fun time. This year it was in Wichita Kansas during a cold spell that the highs were only in the 20s. This Texas gal was cold!

The girls loved it and played, but that nasty fever came back on Lizzie. She was pretty yucky the first night but got better. Gracie tried to see how many laps and hugs she could get. Lizzie was herself and watched people from afar and made them work for her attention.

We finally came home after 10 days way and have to get back to reality. Most nights the girls went to sleep around 10:00 and woke up at 8:00!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas Card

Well, here is our Christmas card for this year. Like last year, I decided to not print and mail the cards and just email them to my friends and family. Call it lazy or green, I'm fine either way because it is a little of both.

This year has had it's ups and downs but ended well for us. Wes is working, I am not and that's the way I like it. Since I quit my job back in July, I have loved my "new job" so much. Being home with the girls is so rewarding. They teach me so much and stress me out all at the same time!

Wes loves his job. He works with some great people. I know he misses being home with his girls, but he works 10 minutes from the house so we can see him at lunch (if we aren't out and about).

The girls are growing fast and learning so much. It's amazing what they pick up and say and do. I am still noticing what they picked up while staying with Grandma and Papa.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Merry Christmas!
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Friday, December 10, 2010

Visit with Santa

Today the girls met Santa. We have gone to see him the last two years but they haven't really liked it too much. But, today's adventure with Amy was to go see Santa with all the girls. There were four of us moms and six kids! It was crazy all the kids did really well.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Little Break

Last week, the girls spent the entire week with Grandma and Papa. We left them on Sunday after Thanksgiving and then picked them up Saturday. We met half way to pick them up.

The girls had a blast while in Oklahoma. My sister and her kids would visit daily to "help" out. The girls were spoiled rotten. Now, they think they are too big for high chairs or bibs. Thanks Grandma! My aunt and uncle from Tulsa even made the drive to see the girls. They also got to visit Aunt Betty and go to movie night at her house with the big kids.

What did Wes and I do while they were gone? Absolutely nothing! Wes had to work, but I got to sleep in everyday, shop and craft. It was wonderful. I did meet Karla for lunch one day and shopped with Amy another. This was the first time that the girls and I had been apart since I was pregnant and they were born (not counting NICU time but that's different). It was a needed break but I missed them a lot. I got a little sad on Thursday because I missed them so much.

The girls came back taller and with longer hair! We felt like they had grown a foot! They seemed like they had changed so much and were big girls. They have more words and are now saying stuff like their Grandma and Papa. Gracie now says "hi guys", which is something my dad has always said. They tell me that they miss everyone everyday but they seem happy to be home with us and all their stuff. I think they got a little home sick too.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been Crafting this week!

I had a busy craft week this week. I made fabric flowers, clay flowers and photo necklaces. The clay flowers are new to me. I just started that one this week. I really like it!

Fabric Flowers

Making photo necklaces, what a mess!

Clay flowers, I love them!
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