Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 Year Old Pictures

The girls were finally in a good mood and my friend Allison was able to get some great pictures of them. I love the pictures, she is such an awesome photographer! These were their "Olivia" dresses that Nana found. Just like Olivia, they had to accessorize with headbands that I made! I love how they turned out. I made them with Dollar Tree headbands and flowers!

Sweet Lizzie, finally not cranky!

Lovely Gracie, so cute

Such sweet sisters. They can play so sweetly and fight so bitterly! Notice Gracie's hand on her hip. She is so prissy.

The choke hold, AKA hugs. Lizzie is a little wrestler. She muscles Gracie into doing what she wants.

Love how they are such little hams! Gonna frame this!

Thanks so much Allison for the great pictures! I'm so glad we both had multiples so we could meet!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week in Review

The week started off quiet. We started trying to potty train Lizzie with no luck. Then we went to their three year check up and the pedi told us to just wait Lizzie out. So, I decided that Lizzie's lack of potty training was no reflection on my parenting skills and gave up. That evening, she peed in the potty for the first time! Silly girl. She has gone a handful of times since. So, we are going slow.

Later in the week, we met our twin group at a splash park in Carrollton. It was really fun. It had play ground equipment on either side with the splash part in the middle. At first the girls only wanted to play on the equipment, but I dug up some buckets from our van and they had a blast.

Gracie with her towel on. My friend Allison said that this would be a good picture so, I pulled out my camera. Gracie said "no mama, Allison take picture". So, Allison had to take the picture

Lizzie drying off to eat lunch

Some of our friends at the park

Lizzie and Gracie with Reese and Amy

Wearing our birthday present tutus from Nana to church. They twirled like ballerinas when the put them on. They also had to wear their butterfly shoes. When we got to church, one of minister's was wearing butterflies on her shoes too. The girls thought that was really cool.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and Sammy's Birthday

This weekend, we went to Oklahoma to celebrate birthdays for my nephew Sam, niece Kassidy and Father's day. It was a great trip, but we are tired. Our entire month of June has been crazy busy with celebrations!

Sam loves all things pirate. He has been a pirate for many Halloweens and seen all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This year he had a pirate themed birthday party. I found a Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow bandana wig. He LOVED it! Here he is modeling it.

Sweet Kassidy. Her birthday was earlier in the month and we missed it. So we had a celebratory taco dinner at my sister's house on Saturday after Sam's party. We all had a really good time!

My mom and sister taking a break from cooking tacos.

My dad and Gracie smiling on Father's day. He is an awesome Father and the smartest person I have ever known. Love him a lot.

My sweet husband and Gracie. He is a great father and partner in our family! I love this picture.

Lizzie was watching TV while I was taking pictures, she did not want to stop watching to get her picture taken with her daddy

We had tons of fun and the girls love playing with their cousins. Sydney, Sam and Kassidy all played really well with the girls and help us take care of them! It was a blast!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation Bible School

After our crazy birthday weekend, we started Vacation Bible School at our church. It was a blast, I helped and the girls attending. They had so much fun. Gracie did have a little separation anxiety when I dropped her off but loved it!

Sister love as we are getting ready to leave for the program

Up on "stage" getting ready to perform

Best buddies Reese and Riley, I conned Amy (thanks Amy for all the help!) in to helping and so that Reese and Riley could be in the girls class. The girls all stood for the songs they were suppose to sing. Lizzie was jumping up and down dancing. Gracie had to go sit with the teacher and "conduct" her sister. So funny. During a break, the girls also ran around the pulpit and almost knocked down the vase for the alter flowers. Apparently, the entire audience could see them misbehaving.

The girls had a blast and were exhausted every day when we got home. I had a great time too, I helped coordinate all the teachers. It was a great way to serve my church!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Pictures from the Party

My very talented friend is a great photographer and took pictures of the girls party! Thanks so much Allison. Below is a movie of all the pictures she took!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Third Birthday Party

On Saturday, we had the girls birthday party on their actual birthday! How fun is that. We of course picked one of the hottest June's on record to have an outdoor party. Fortunately, the party was in the morning and the kids played in the water and only the parents were really hot. I was sweating buckets! The theme was Olivia the Pig. The girls LOVE her! They always want to watch her on TV.

The kids in one of the pools

Reese and Riley stopped playing to get a snack and Lizzie couldn't be left out. Riley loves her snacks!

Lizzie checking out the cake

Lizzie and Gracie playing

Gracie in her sunglasses. They did not come off.

The girls had a blast and I think all their friends did too! We had about 20ish kids in our back yard which included 5 sets of twins and a set of triplets!

These pictures were taken by Nana. My friend Allison took some too! I can't wait to share them!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Birthday Weekend

The girls turned three on Saturday. It's hard to believe that these little babies are getting so big. Gracie is mastering the potty with fewer and fewer accidents. Lizzie has absolutely no interest. Lizzie spoke her ABC's exactly right and clearly. I was so surprised.

Anyway back to the weekend, Nana came the Tuesday before, Grandma and Papa came on Thursday and Laura, Paul, Sydney and Sam came on Friday. We had a house full of people but it was fun. From Thursday on, we were all working either in the yard or house to get it all ready. We were tired before the party even started. We had all kinds of things getting ready for the party. Because the girls are the youngest cousins by about five years, we get tons of fun hand me downs. Some of the best have been outdoor toys.

Awesome swing set given to us by Kassidy

After the party, had lunch (girls favorite spaghetti), napped, had dinner and then went to Bonkers. It was a blast. I say it was a blast because I got to sit and Sydney and Sam did all the work. Darlene (Nana) got up there too.

My goofy niece and nephew with my sister Laura. They were all so helpful.

We had a really fun weekend with lots of family. The girls loved every minute of it. They can now show how old they are on their fingers. Also, I told them because they were three they should start climbing in their car seats and they are!

Next up, the birthday party!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

At the Movies

Today, we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 with our friends. We went with our friends, Reese and Riley and Anna, Isaac and EJ. Yes, we took 2 sets of twins and a set of triplets all under 4 to the movies. That's 7 kids! We met at the mall and had Panda Express first. Then we headed to the movie. All the kids were so excited (and I think all the parents especially the dads)!

We first had to stop and look at the fountain.
From left to right: Lizzie, Riley, Gracie, Isaac, EJ, Anna and Reese

The girls stopped running down the mall to stare at a women getting her eyebrows threaded.

All 13 of us waiting for the movie to start! We took up an entire row! Its so dark you can't see all the way down.

Here are the girls cheesing it up.

We had such a good time. Lizzie and Gracie ate half a box of popcorn. All the kids were so good during the movie and they all loved it! Gracie did get a little scared of the peacock and wolves that were in the movie. She was upset the entire car ride home. Lizzie told me a couple of times she was scared but didn't seem that upset. She did whisper to herself a lot during the movie.

So now on our list of scary is talking trees, peacocks and wolves. I only see this list getting longer.....

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun with Nana

While in Alabama, we saw alot of Wes's family but we spent a lot of time with Nana (Wes's mom Darlene). The girls really love their Nana and Lizzie wanted her to come home with us.

Blowing bubbles with Nana

Nana and her girls.

Watching movies with Nana. The girls watched the entire movie "Follow That Bird" from Sesame Street.

That's Nana in the water with the girls.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2- Fun in the Sun

One of the other activities we did in Alabama was to go play in a fountain at an outdoor mall. It was really fun. They had live music which the girls loved.

Gracie playing in the water. She kept falling on the concrete.

The girls playing with were the water comes out.

Lizzie had a blast, she would squat down and put the front part of her hair in the water that was pooling. It was only like 2 inches thick.

This is Lizzie after one of the naps.

This is Gracie after the same nap. She finally got happy after we told her she watch a movie.

We had fun in Alabama. The car ride back was long and we saw some of the damage from the tornado that went through a few weeks ago. We also passed over the Mississippi River which was really high. Such weird weather right now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1- The Scary Tree

For Memorial Day we loaded up the girls and headed out to Huntsville, AL to see Wes's side of the family. It was a long 13 hour car ride with 2 clothing changes. We finally got in around midnight. We almost thought our trip was going to be cancelled. Gracie had this strange rash pop up. We took her to the doctor and found out it was hives. So, she was "polka dotted" most of the trip. The girls kept asking when we were getting to Nana's house. I forgot the camera for the first couple of days but finally remembered later.

On Monday, we went to a place called Early Works. Its a kids museum. Everyone was telling us how the girls would love it and that it had a talking tree.

Turns out for almost 3 year olds it can be the most terrifying thing you ever saw. It started talking and they ran for the front door. They wanted no part of that tree.

Not only was there a talking tree, but also a talking clock. Again terrified. That's all they talked about afterward,they told every one there was a "scary tree and clock".

We finally talked them in to coming back in the building and there was a little village room with a garden, a water table, a grocery store and post office. This is Lizzie picking carrots.

Gracie loved the cash register and wanted to play store clerk.

Don't they look sweet riding in the wagon. The reigns were not attached to a horse and they were quite disappointed. They both kept saying "giddy up horsey".

They are not as sweet as they appear. Gracie told her cousin Sean to get in. When he went to sit in the wagon, she told him to lay down and wouldn't let him get up. Here he is being a sweet and doing what he was told by an almost 3 year old. Interesting fact, the girls and Sean are exactly 9 years and 364 days apart. They were born on June 11 and his birthday is June 12.