Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunt Is On!

In the last two days, we have been lucky enough to go on two Easter egg hunts; one for my twin group and one for church. For the twin group play date, we dyed eggs, did a craft and had an egg hunt.

Easter craft

Getting eggs

More eggs

The whole gang

The girls with Reese and Riley

Today, was our church egg hunt. Wes was on a plane coming home from a business trip so he missed the actual hunt, but he did get to come for other fun stuff. We were so glad to see him, he was gone for a week. The church had popcorn, face painting, cookie decorating, balloon animals, bounce house and a train. The girls liked the train so much, they rode it twice, in a row.

Waiting outside the church before the fun starts

My friend Janine took this of us

Even more eggs

Getting eggs and something in her shoe

Sweet girls

Riding the train

Face painting (Lizzie loves carrots because they are orange)

Cute bunny and cute smile
The weather was nice, but hot! We were all sweaty. I'm glad I remembered sunscreen for the girls. Lizzie takes after my sister and when she gets hot, her face turns red. Now, I just have to keep the girls (and myself) from eating all this candy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Flowers

Grandma and Papa came to visit and wanted to do something fun. So, we went back to the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We had a great time. All the flowers were beautiful and we even went to see the butterfly exhibit.

Under a beautiful rose bush

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

We took the their picture in this chair a couple of year ago

So sweet

What's in there?

Butterfly Exhibit


Lizzie and Gracie's foot


Momma and her girls

Grandma and Papa with their babies


Love Lizzie's expression. A butterfly scared her.

Two Girls and a Fountain
 With the girls getting older, we have stopped using the stroller. Sometimes I miss it and sometimes I'm glad they are walking everywhere. When I really miss it is when one girls goes one way and the other goes another.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Short Visit

My sister and family came for a visit this week because it was Sydney and Sam's spring break. They arrived on Thursday afternoon and left today, Saturday. We crammed as much as we could in the time they were here. Wes was traveling all week but joined us on Friday.

When they arrived on Thursday, we went to Ikea for Swedish meatballs and shopping. We put the kids in a shopping cart and pushed them all over. For a short time, Grace and I got lost with no cell phone and we kept hunting for the rest of the gang. We finally found them.
Sydney and Gracie

Sam and Lizzie
By the time we got home, it was bed time. The kids shared beds Lizzie and Sydney together and Sam and Gracie together. The big kids read and sang a song for the little kids. It was so sweet to watch. Sydney and Sam did a great job reading and Lizzie and Gracie did a great job listening. Then it was lights out, with a couple of times having to go in and tell them to go to sleep.

Friday, we got up and Paul made breakfast. He's on a gluten free diet so everything was gluten free. We then went to visit Wes's work to show everybody what he did. Wes's flight got in early.

After Wes's work, we went to the Japanese garden of the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty and in bloom. The kids loved it and especially loved feeding the koi fish. Sydney was brave enough to put her hands in to pet them.

The crew

Feeding the fish

Lots of turtles sunning themselves
We ate lunch and decided to drive by Laura and Paul's old apartment. It's where they lived while Paul was in physical therapy school and Laura taught her first couple of years. On the way back, we picked up Wes from work and went to Cabela's. I'm not big on hunting and fishing so this didn't seem exciting to me, but Paul wanted to go. We had a good time but Wes and I were tired because the girls weren't listening and grabbing everything.

On the way home from Cabela's and to dinner, we stopped by an Asian market for Paul to pick up rice flour. I love going in there, so many things to see. Sydney and Sam loved looking at the seafood area.

Saturday, we went to the Coppell Farmer's Market and then went to Grapevine Mills. We shopped, the kids road the carousel and we ate lunch. Sydney was excited because she got some clothes.

Gracie and Daddy on the carousel

Lizzie and Sam (Lizzie doesn't like the animals that go up and down)

Eating and waiting for Laura and Sydney to finish shopping

We had so much fun with my sister and family! The weather was perfect, sunny and mild.The girls were so excited that Sydney and Sam were coming and they were not disappointed. They loved having them here and I enjoyed time with all of them.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Papa's Birthday, So Much Fun!

On Friday, we made the trip to Oklahoma for Papa's birthday. When we arrived, the girls gave Papa his goody bag. They were so excited and Papa loved his goodies! Grandma loved the M&Ms we put in for her too.

Saturday, we got up, had yummy waffles that Grandma made and took Lizzie and Gracie shopping for Easter dresses. For lunch, we met up with my sister and family and Aunt Betty. My dad and Wes were stuck at home because of plumbing problems. Calling an emergency plumber is no fun on a Saturday. The girls were really interested why this stranger was fixing Grandma and Papa's toilet.

After lunch, we went out shopping again. This time, it was for Sydney and Sam. It is always crazy when we take all four kids out. The girls were not listening and driving me insane. They were crawling on the floor, and in and out of the dressing rooms that Sydney and Sam were using. Finally, Sydney and Sam made their selections and we were on our way home.

Crazy Sydney

Silly Sam
Gracie with Papa's flashlight

The flashlight became the centerpiece of the kids table
Saturday night, my cousins came over to mom and dad's house for steaks. Wes grilled the steaks. It was really yummy. It was fun to see Chris, Angie, and Kassidy. We have about a month until we get to meet baby Dawson.
The kiddos
Wes showing the kids his computer games
Gracie in her fancy dress-aka Grandma's shirt
Lizzie playing with Grandma and Papa's toys
Grandma and Papa's wonderful toy closet. It is packed full.

This was my Little People Toy when I was their age
Playing up a storm with cousins
Sunday, we had breakfast at Braum's (which the girls tell us is Grandma's favorite) with my parents and my sister's family.
Playing with Grandma Potter's exercise bike, Grandpa Potter was telling them how to do it
 Then we made a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Potter. They just returned from wintering in south Texas in their RV. They stated for three months! We missed them and are glad to see them.
My dad (the birthday boy) and my mom
Waiting for food!
For Papa's birthday lunch, we had burgers and then went to my sister's house to plant potatoes with my brother-in-law Paul. The girls had a blast.
The Oklahoma wind was blowing. Check out the girls hair
Covering up the potatoes
After the potato planting, we headed home. The girls were happy eating Cheetos for the ride home. When we pulled up to the house, the girls burst into tears. They were upset they didn't get to watch a movie. So, we took them inside and they watched Tangled. They were happy girls again.