Monday, November 3, 2014


We had another fun Halloween season. The girls decided what they were wearing about three months ago. Again this year, Nana made their beautiful costumes. The girls looked great! Lizzie was Elsa and Gracie was DracuLaura from Monster High.

We first attended the Halloween HullabaBOO at our church. The girls had a blast playing games, trunk or treating, and decorating cookies. One of the games was to count the number of candy corn in a basket. Lizzie actually guessed the right number! After Gracie heard, she hopped back in line and wanted to guess the number. I told her she already had her chance and she found something else to play.
DracuLaura and Elsa

At school on Halloween, the girls had Character Day. They wore their costumes from last year and Lizzie was a cowgirl and Gracie was a fairy. They had a blast and were excited to dress up for school.

Finally that night, the girls put on their costumes. First, we trick or treated at the girls teachers' houses. Both girls loved it and their teachers are really sweet. Next, we met up with friends at Sonic and ate dinner. After that, we met up with even more friends and went trick or treating.

In case you are wondering, Gracie is hissing.
We all had a ton of fun! The girls were giggling and running from house to house. It was such a long and fun day that Gracie came straight home, put on her PJs and hopped into bed. She was asleep in no time flat!

Thanks to the Sher's for trick or treating with us again!