Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dental Work

Well, Gracie is having all kinds of fun in the new year. Our dentist here wanted her to see an orthodontist for her teeth. Grace had two teeth that were occupying the same spot. He thought she might need braces to get them straightened out. 

Over Christmas, we took Gracie to see my childhood dentist for a second opinion. We made the five hour drive to Ponca City to see Dr. Jim Highfill. He straightened out my teeth and is a great dentist. 

From the Internet research I had done, I thought it looked like it was an extra tooth. But I thought, what are the chances that she would have that when only about 5% of the population has that happen. 

When we went in December, Dr. Highfill confirmed my suspicions. She had what they call a mesiodens or extra middle tooth. He told us that it needed to be pulled and that it might help correct her issues. We left thinking we would find someone in Dallas to pull it. I told Grace that she was so smart she grew an extra tooth!

The more we thought about it the more we decided to go back to Ponca and have Dr. Highfill do it. We trusted him and I knew he would do great with Grace. 

Which brings me to today, we headed back to Ponca and had the tooth pulled. Grace was so awesome. He just numbed the tooth and pulled it. She didn't hurt at all or cry. Afterward, she was as bouncy as usual. I was so proud of her. She amazes me with her strength! 

With her tiny extra tooth. It's behind the front tooth.
No more extra teeth!