Monday, March 25, 2013

Out With the Old

This past weekend, my parents came down to help us sort the girls toys. Their toys were starting to push the rest of us out of the house. We got a lot accomplished and had fun along the way.

They arrived Thursday and the girls were excited. Almost immediately, my mom started in on the toys. When she has a mission, there is no stopping her. Friday, we worked on the toys.

Saturday was the Easter Egg Hunt at church. It was all held indoors because it rained all night and morning. It didn't stop the kids from having fun!
Face Painting! Two little Easter bunnies

Finding Eggs

More eggs


 Sunday was Palm Sunday and the girls were singing in the choir. Choir is great for them, not only are they making so many friends, they are also learning about music and worship. Its so fun for them.
See Gracie? I think she is saying "hi" to Pastor Dennis

Serious about their singing

Little angels
After church and lunch, the girls had a tea party with Grandma. They all had so much fun!
The girls serving tea to Grandma

Making faces

More faces


Wes playing with his new phone
We had a great weekend and are glad to be rid of a ton of toys! I'm glad that Grandma, Papa and Nana were all here to hear the girls sing.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day at the Museum

Today, we met up with my cousin Logan and Angelina at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Logan and Angelina were visiting from OKC.

The girls were excited about going to the museum. The girls have been once with Nana and were thrilled to go back. With it being Spring Break, the museum was packed! There were so many people it was hard to move around and see some things. However, we did have a fun time! We will have to go back when there are not as many people.

Waiting outside

Daddy with the girls

Fun frogs to play on

It was pretty windy

The girls and I

Gracie had to "pose" for this one


Logan and Angelina
After the museum, we had a late lunch/early dinner of Thai food. It was a really fun day! So glad we got to see Logan and Angelina!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Day

Today, Wes took the day off work. He traveled for work almost all of February (including weekends) so it was nice to have a day of fun.

For our fun, we headed to Gainesville, TX to the Frank Buck Zoo. It is a fun little zoo. We got there just in time to feed the giraffes. I didn't realize how long a giraffe's tongue is! After that, we looked through the entire zoo. Also, we fed some goats. Those little goats were competitive. They would push and shove to get the food but were gentle with the kids.

Looking at the animals

Wes helping them find something

Sister love



After the zoo, we went over to the playground. A small consolation after finding out the train was not running until Spring/Summer. It was a nice playground and the girls loved it. We were all having fun until Lizzie fell and busted her lip. She was a bloody mess and we had to find a bathroom to clean her up.
What do I do first?

Lizzie loved this swing

Both can fit! Where were these swings when the girls were smaller

Love this of Lizzie

Self Portrait

Right before she busted her lip!

So much fun!

The girls had so much fun, they fell asleep in the car on the way home. It was nice to have Wes with us on a week day! We had a great day!

The car ride home.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This past weekend, we celebrated the life of my aunt Betty. The girls and I traveled to Oklahoma for the funeral while Wes was out of town for work. We arrived at my parents house on Friday and saw my uncle Tony and aunt Kathy. That evening, we had dinner with my sister and her family.

On Saturday, we woke up early and headed to Vici, OK and Camargo, OK. The two towns hold a lot of history for my family. My mom was from Vici and my dad from Camargo. The two towns are about 10 miles from each other and everybody knows everybody. My grandpa Cox and aunt Betty both taught at the Camargo school.

For lunch, the First Christian Church (and only church) in Camargo had lunch for the family. It was a very delicious lunch. The ladies who made lunch were great cooks and had all kinds of comfort foods. It was a good old fashion pot luck!  It was a nice time to visit with family. 
Angie and cute baby Dawson
Gracie playing with the toys at the church
My sister, Laura

My cousin Logan and his girlfriend Angelina
My aunt Kathy

Uncle Tony and Angelina
The cousins

Did I mention there was about a foot of snow left from the blizzard?
My brother-in-law Paul who hates to have his picture taken
Lizzie and her "Ear Mouses", don't know where she came up with that

Every time we go back to Vici and Camargo, I notice the same thing. My family is intertwined with those two towns.  It is part of my history although I never lived there. My dad was one of six kids and my mom has a brother. I enjoyed hearing the people who live there talk about how they knew either my dad, my mom or one of my aunts or uncles. My aunt taught for many years so a lot of them knew her. People seemed to know all about me even though I didn't know them. It was very comforting.

Because of the history and her being a teacher, her funeral had a full house. It was a lovely service, one that I think she would have liked. It's still sinking in for me that she's gone. Its hard losing someone that you knew your entire life and held such a special place in your heart.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fairy Tale Ball

This past Thursday was the Fairy Tale Ball at the girls school. This was a big event for the girls and they have looked forward to it for a long time. Lizzie told me a couple of week ago that she needed a new princess dress for it. So, Grandma obliged and got them new dress up dresses. Also, the girls invited some of the church staff to come and watch.

They got to wear their dresses to school; which by itself is exciting. When it came time, the kids lined up with their partner. Each set was announced and bowed/curtseyed and then sat at the table where they ate lunch.

After lunch, they got up and danced with their partner for a couple of songs and then danced like crazy kids. The kids had a blast and I had fun watching.
On our way to school

Gracie being announced

Lizzie being announced

Lizzie's partner seating her

Gracie eating lunch

Lizzie eating lunch

Gracie and her dance partner dancing crazy

Lizzie dancing with her partner

Gracie and her teacher Ms. Tammie

Lizzie and her teacher Ms. Tarrin

The girls dancing
It was a really fun time for the girls.