Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Girl Beds

We put the girls in their big girl beds the day after their birthday party. The beds are antiques that were given to us by Wes's grandma Harris. One of them was the bed I slept on when I first went to visit his family in Alabama. That's when he announced he was getting engaged to me. The beds have always been special to me and I couldn't wait until the girls were big enough to sleep on them.

The girls were very ready for their beds. They have slept great in them for the last two weeks. The only issue we had was when Lizzie fell off the foot of the bed. She ended up with a pretty good shiner. We think she was trying to play with the radio and reached too far.

Night Night, Lizzie

Night Night, Gracie

Our beds

First time to sleep in the beds for Gracie

Lizzie's first time in the bed

In other news, we finally met with a pediatric pulmonologist. He changed Gracie from a nebulizer twice a day to a puffer once a day. Meaning for us, no more 10 minute breathing treatments twice a day, only one puff on an inhaler once a day. Yea! The doctor thinks that it's more of a virual issue so we won't really know the right course of treatment until cold and flu season starts around October.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The party!

The girls party was on Saturday. I think we ended up having around 13 kids show up plus parents. It was a big crowd to put in our house. The kids went from inside to outside and back. They all seemed to have a great time! I stressed over everything and made some stuff myself. We had our house and our yard ship shape. Wes and I made the birthday banner, the invitations, pin the nose on the monkey and the square crayons. Making the crayons was really fun. We melted then together. The best part was that we had LiaLezon take pictures to help us remember everything!

The banner. My mom, the artist drew the monkey.

Pin the nose on the monkey
Crayons hot from the oven

Friday, June 11, 2010

Babies Second Birthday

Today is the girls second birthday! We are so excited. The girls are staying home today with Grandma and Papa and celebrated with a McDonald's breakfast.

This year has been a blur. It was a difficult one for the family but we made it through. Wes is now happy in his new job.

I thought I would just try and keep a record of what we've faced and accomplished
  • Stopped nursing at 12 1/2 months
  • Transitioned to milk and all table foods
  • Started walking at 15 1/2 months
  • Started talking
  • Went back to daycare
  • Transitioned out of our bed room and into theirs
  • Stopped taking a pacifier
  • Started running
  • Mommy and Daddy are always tired
  • Gracie's seizure and ER visit making it necessary for us to always have a thermometer and Motrin on hand
  • Gracie's breathing issues and ER visits to get it under control
  • Lizzie's follow ups on the tubes in her ears - no new surgeries scheduled
  • The girls both being on allergy medicine (we thought we were done with medicine every day after the Previcid but I guess not)
  • The girls awareness of everything - the way they love their dog Molly and try to chase the cats
  • Their love of family - they love their cousins, aunts, uncle and grandparents
  • They can put on their boots
  • They can take off socks and shoes in 2 seconds while sitting in the car
  • They know "No", "Please", "Thank You" and "Milk"
  • All stuffed animals right now are "Melmo" (Elmo) or "babies"
I guess that's a long list! Soon I'll be blogging about their birthday party tomorrow!