Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fun Times in May

May was a busy month! Gracie got braces, we celebrated Mother's Day, the girls had field day, they got pedicures with Girl Scouts, we roller skating and found a huge slide in North Texas.


We had a great Easter. We spent it with my family in Oklahoma. It was full of eating, egg dying and bunnies! We went to mass at my grandmother's nursing home. It was a lovely service and she was happy we were with him.


Friday, April 7, 2017

More of March!

March was busy and not just because of spring break. We spent time playing at the park, went to a hockey game, found a big box, went shopping, and school. The big news for Grace was that she got braces on her front teeth. Both girls have been going to the orthodontist and have expanders. It's taken a bit to adjust to them but they have done well!

Spring is in full bloom right now and we are taking advantage by doing whatever we can outside!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Spring Break 2017

This weekend we kicked off our Spring Break with a bang! We spent the weekend in the Texas Hill Country and had a blast. We loved seeing all that the area has to offer.

We started off by spending the night in Salado, TX in a bed and breakfast. We spent the day in Salado seeing what the town had to offer. It was rainy that day, but that didn't stop us! There is a creek that runs through the town and we stopped to take a look. We shopped in the cute shops that are in the area and played at the park. That evening, we were driving around a saw tons of deer grazing in front yards of houses.

The next day, we took the long way home. We decided to not take the Interstate home but took highways, county roads and dirt roads. It's amazing what you can find on these roads. The rock farm houses were beautiful. We drove around a momma cow and her nursing baby standing in the middle of the road because they were there first and didn't want to move. We found a beautiful church in the middle of nowhere. Huge raptors were flying over head and even a flock of them perched in a tree like a Halloween image. We saw tons of bluebonnet even though it's early in the year. We had a great time!