Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Adventures of Molly and Cooper: Molly Goes to Nana's

Molly and Cooper are our dogs. We love them dearly and they love us. They are cute together and I thought I might write down some of their adventures.


Molly and Cooper are two dogs that are best friends. They live with the Potters. Molly came to the Potter family many years ago. Molly was rescued when Melissa and Wes were a young couple. She is a German shepherd mix. But she didn't look like your average German Shepherd. She had a beautiful red coat and a curly tail. She is an older dog and wiser. 

Cooper is new to the family. He is young and energetic. Cooper is a lab through and through. He has a beautiful yellow coat with white freckles on his face. He and Molly play all day in the backyard. When Cooper first came to the Potter family, he hated to go outside by himself without a human. But the longer he stayed with the Potters, the more he realize he love the outdoors. 

Molly and Cooper have another doggy friend, Willa. Willa is Nana's dog. Nana is Wes's mother. Willa comes to play every afternoon when Nana goes to work. 
Willa, Molly and Cooper
Molly and Cooper

Willa and Cooper
One evening, a strong storm came through and knocked down the fence around the dogs' yard. Wes and Melissa went out to fix the fence. It was a temporary fix while they decided how to get it replaced. Because it wasn't put up really well, there were holes. One hole was big enough for Molly to get through.

One day, Molly decided she wanted to get out of the fence. She climbed through the hole and got out. At the same time, Melissa and the girls were getting ready to go to school. They walked out of the garage to find Molly escaping. Molly knew that they knew she was out. She wanted to go see Nana. So, she walked toward Nana's fence and waited for Melissa to let her in. She spend the rest of the day at Nana's.
Molly and Cooper

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